Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things for Spring

Well, it has been OVER a MONTH since I last posted or commented on anyone's blog (sorry y'all!), but I have been sewing a little here and there.

I did a couple of dresses and a pair of pants for my children to wear in their annual Spring picture I have done.

And then because I couldn't RESIST this adorable bunny fabric...

I attempted my first ever TIER DRESS!! UGH!! This was HARD!! Not the elastic casing collar, which is my new FAVORITE way of doing dresses...or the elastic thread around the arms, which just adds the cutest ruffle....but the actual tiering (ok, not a word..thanks spell check!!) of the dress itself!! Talk about needing to make sure your MEASUREMENTS are EXACT...which mine NEVER are!! Thankfully, it looked better on the Middle Child, then it did on the hanger!! :D

The above picture was with the first "try-on"...after that I added some cute trim around the top two tiers to smooth out the seams....and I "cut" some of the side seams to make it have more of an A-Line shape!! Hopefully my next attempt will be better, because the actual construction of the dress wasn't that bad....just my BAD MEASURING!! ;)

Next are a couple of birthday gifts.

The hooded towel is for the LAST of the three sisters. The Minnie Mouse towel, and one that I made years ago went to the first two! LOVE the princess wand!!

And my SIL's sister and her family are Disney World BOUND in three days....she asked for some ruffle Capri's to go with some shirts she had monogrammed. She actually asked me to monogram some shirts for her also...but I knew I would not have the time!! So thankfully she was happy with just the Capri's!

Cute huh? The brown ones go with an appliqued Minnie Mouse ears in brown and pink polka dots!

We also had my hometown of Ponchatoula, LA's annual Strawberry Festival this past weekend!! This was an outgrown onesie that I used my Serger to "trim" off the bottom snaps. Viola...instant shirt!

I combined a couple of different appliques I had on my Embird Embroidery Software to come up with this design!! Ponchatoula has train tracks running through the middle of town, as do most of the towns in Tangipahoa Parish...all the way to Chicago I thought a train would be fitting! :D
I got ALOT of use out of this fabulous strawberry applique!!
The pants in the above picture of my adorable niece are "hand me downs" from the Middle Child! It went with the outfit I made for her last year. She was able to wear the top again this year with some pants I made for her to wear to Pre-K for St. Patrick's Day...did I post that? I know I had it on my FB page....oh the MANY worlds of social networking, it's hard to keep up!! HA! Anyway, my niece was loving her gently used pants and new shirt! :)
I thought it was too cute not to share, so I made an outfit for my best friend, Sarah's daughter, also.
The polka dot tee is from WalMart...can you believe?...I guess they are trying to give Target some competition!! I picked up some really cute scooters for Ms. Priss..they were only $4 and just adorable!! Ok, I know my vocabulary is lacking...I'll make sure to have a copy of my Thesaurus next time so I'll quit using the same adjectives!! last photo then I'm off to bed (yawn)!
YAY!! for ME!! I actually made MYSELF something. Just a yard and a half of fabric, shirred and hemmed..instant dress!! It was KILLING my friend, Sarah, that my shrug kept falling down my shoulders...oh well! Just a quick week is when we will be bringing my MIL to the Nursing Home, so we've been going through alot of emotions lately. Once everything settles down, I look forward to catching up with all of you. Thank you all SO MUCH for sending me so much love and encouragement. You are truly my blessings, and your kindness gives me the strength I desperately need. Thank you. Until later...