Thursday, December 30, 2010

If Christmas is over...WHY am I still BUSY??

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Christmas!! Ours was great...everyone happy and healthy!! Except for my sister and her husband spreading all of their germy germs at my folks!! Thankfully we made it out of there without any sickness...I HOPE!! The girls stayed behind, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!! :) Anyway..I got MOST of the things finished that I needed to have done. I am still working on an order of minky pants to bring back on New Year's, and some odds-n-ends for my sweet niece that I have been needing to make her. So on with the gifts...oh, I am breaking this up into two posts since it will be picture HEAVY!! I am starting with the gifts for the children in my family! If I haven't mentioned it yet, we are going to Disney World in the Spring....YAY!!! I am sooooo excited and have been typing up itineraries and scheduling Character Dinings!! When we went in 2007, I was pregnant with The Boy, so I couldn't do too much...but THIS time...I am riding the BIG rides!! Whoo Hoo!!

So anyway, I decided to make some fun things for the kiddos to have for the long car ride!

Crayon rolls for the younger ones....and for the older ones...
a drawstring bag and roll up for colored pencils!
I also wanted to make them something to collect memories...
Autograph Books!! These were very time consuming, but soooo worth it!! I used cereal boxes, covered them with Contact paper and added stiff felt, ribbon, and lots of fun trims! I used card stock for the pages because I wanted them to be durable and not tear out! Thanks to my friend Kathy and her awesome Crop-a-dile, I was able to punch holes through the cover AND all pages of the card stock in ONE punch!!!! That thing is AMAZING!! I got some gift cards to Hobby Lobby for Christmas from my mom and sister (thanks, ya'll) and you can BET I will be looking for one of those!! I just used a Sharpie to write their names, but added a little glitter to bling it up! My sister got all of the kids pens, so they should be set!! is what they will carry it all in...
I had a whole bunch of drawstring bags...not sure where I got them from...or WHY, but I found them during the Great Sewing Room clean up and knew they would be perfect! I used my Cricut Expression to cut out the mouse ear appliques and ironed them on. I used a tight zig zag stitch to secure them and stitched on the bows for the girls'.
Here is a little close up of all of the girls' gifts....and here is one of a single set....
I was soooo happy when I was done!! It was very time consuming, like I said...but I am so proud of how it all came out!! :) I added coloring books and word searches to round out the gifts.
Of course they liked them, and I told the moms to take them away....until the trip! :)

So, for my NON-Disney going niece...

She just got this outfit! :P
It is made with brown Kona cotton and dotted flannel. I used velcro for the closure. She is 18 months, so I figured it would be easier to get her in and out! JoAnn's had these little spools of rickrack for FIFTY CENTS!! I bought a whole bunch! I think it added just the right amount of cuteness! So, that's it for now! I'll post the adults gifts next time! It won't be as picture heavy...maybe!
Oh yeah, one more picture. This is for my dinosaur-loving Boy!

Be safe this New Year's!! Until later....

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm BUSY....and you are?

So how many of you are CRAZY busy?? Last week while the giveaway was in full swing, I was so busy that I didn't have much time to enter as many giveaways as I would have liked...which means I didn't win anything :(...didn't get to return many "thank yous" for all of the sweet comments I got during my giveaway :(...and didn't get to clean my house!! It is a MESS, ya'll!! Oh well, it will have to wait until after Christmas! On top of all of the gifts I am making for my extended family, there were many OTHER things keeping me busy!

First up...a birthday party!! Well, actually there was supposed to be two birthday parties, but one got cancelled..which is giving me time to procrastinate on those gifts! But here are the gifts for one of Ms. Priss' good friends, and fellow Girl Scout!

I went a little easy on myself and bought some tees from the clearance rack to embellish..

I added the K from a maternity tee that was doused with bleach somehow...but it worked with the tie-dye! She has an older sister close in age, so I wanted it to be "hers" only! You see, I have an older I KNOW these things!! HA!

Here is another one...with some machine embroidery!
And I threw in a wonky flower headband for some extra fashion!
And a crayon first...without looking at a tutorial!
It is not very neatly done...and the elastic/button closure is not centered....I have since printed out a tutorial!! Next time, I'll do better!! :)
Ok..birthday party DONE! On to the NEXT....The Middle Child had her Pre-K program last Wednesday. She was a Sugar Plum a new tutu was in order:
I tried a different approach to making this tutu...using this tutorial. It is sewn instead of tied. I like the effect, but really needed to go back and "even" it out!! Some of my tulle is longer in areas...oops! For the $1 store-bought wings, I just hot glued some Christmas-y ribbon around the edges...she suggested adding the pom-poms!
Then I cut out some shiny silver fabric, bunched it up and appliqued it to a shirt.
Cute..huh? I thought candy would be appropriate for a Sugar Plum Fairy!! :) Next was little gifts for the class.
The girls got Christmas-y ribbon-tied Pony-Os, and the boys got little stuffed felt ornaments. Stuffed with Serger Scraps...see EVERYTHING is useful! HA!
For the teacher, a wall banner for her to display her LISTS!
I couldn't think of anything...came up with this at the last minute when I noticed she just had her class list and Lunch Bunch list just taped to the wall outside her room! Now she has a nice "display"!
Also on Wednesday, we had a Girl Scout meeting. My friend Kathy came over Tuesday and we did the preliminary painting and hot-gluing to the shirts the girls were going to be finishing at the meeting.

TWENTY-something shirts....TWENTY-something hands full of paint....TWENTY-something shirts full of GLITTER....GAH!! MESSY!
But oh-so-CUTE! We are going to a Nursing Home this week, where the girls will wear their shirts and sing to the residents!!
Next friend Kathy had a request....
This is for her nephew...SHINY, huh? She bought the fabric AND some new cutting mats for my could I refuse! :) Here is the applique close up.
This was some slippery fabric to work with...THANKS Allie for telling me about the Teflon foot for my sewing really helped keep this fabric under control!!
So that is all I can show you for this week!! After Christmas I will be able to show you all of the cuteness that will be going to all of my nieces and nephews!!
Friday was Ms. Priss' last school day of the year. Her teacher gives the class an ICE CREAM party every year...brave girl!! It wasn't too messy and the kids LOVED it!! I ordered this from my sweet friend Melanie!! She does such AWESOME work!! I had to change my order at the last minute because I thought the teacher collect KITTIES...but no, it was BUNNIES!! Thanks Melanie for being sooooo sweet and understanding!! AND for doing such an AWESOME job with this ornament!!
Whew...lots of pics, I know!! Sorry, just trying to fit it all in! :) Well, back to my sewing room...only FIVE more sewing days until Christmas!!! If I don't make it back until then...MERRY CHRISTMAS!! xo Until later...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

SMS Giveaway WINNER...

WOW!! What an incredible week of giveaways!! Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by and entered!! I am so grateful for all of your sweet, sweet comments!! And thank you to Sew Mama Sew for such wonderful opportunity to "meet" so many AMAZING talents out there in the blog world!! And I must give you EXTREME props for the organization of this Giveaway!! enough gushing!! Due to my inability after SEVERAL miserable attempts...I could not get the Random Number Generator to appear on my blog!! Sorry, ya'll! But if you are willing to take my word for are going to LOVE the winner of my giveaway.....

#57 Marlene is the CUTEST face out there in blogland!! She would like a fabulous would she look in it?? I 'm sending her person, Trudy an email now...maybe she would let me post a picture of Marlene wearing her new crown?? So congratulations girl!!! Thanks again everyone, I really enjoyed making new friends!! Until later...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to SMS Giveaway Day!!

Thanks everyone...we have a winner and the comments are CLOSED!! Have a good weekend!

Hello everyone! How AWESOME is Sew Mama Sew! to offer up a day for all of us to get together and share??! I'm sure we are all busy getting things done before Christmas...I know I am! But I've decided to take time away from all of my gift making in order to cram in some new inspiration! I hope you see something here that will inspire you too. Anyway, I know time is of the essence today, so I will get to it.

I am giving away something custom made FOR YOU!! All you have to do is check out some of my slide shows on the left and figure out WHAT you would like for me to make you! Here is a little collage of things for your "quick-viewing" pleasure.

Giveaway Day will actually last until December 17th, so you will have plenty of time to decide! I am willing to ship internationally, so EVERYONE is welcome to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you would like for me to make you. Since the shipping deadline is December 20th, some items such as quilts or knitted items will NOT be an option...I'm not that fast ya'll! :) I do have a monogramming machine, so make it personal!! Don't see any embroidery designs or appliques that interest you? Make a suggestion!! I have TONS of designs, so it is possible I will have something that you like! I would suggest that because of shipping, Christmas items might not make it on time. :( But if it is a Holiday banner or place mats or hand towels...there is always next year to use them! that's it!! Check out my creations and tell me what you want! Please make sure you leave an email so I can reach you! I will try my hardest to respond to your comments, or visit your blog...ESPECIALLY if you are participating in Giveaway Day! HA! Have FUN today, and GOOD LUCK!! Until later...

***EDITED to add*** My friend Beatrix sells the Elise Doll pattern in her Etsy shop here!! They are soooo easy to make and little girls LOVE them!! If you aren't lucky enough to win and you sew...please check out her shop for this fabulous pattern!! It really is easy and you will make tons of cute dolls!! :) Thanks for all of the sweet comments!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Minky Top and Green Corduroy Ruffle Pants

So, did I mention that I came down with a nasty stomach virus Monday? I went to bed as soon as Ms. Priss got off of the bus and didn't get up until the next morning. Still felt a little yucky, but I was able to get out of bed!! Anyway, remember the Middle Child had Red and THEN Green Day? Yeah, I missed Red Day! She actually had to wear something off the hanger...GAH!! Well, to make up for it I went ahead and combined Green Day WITH Red day!

Isn't it the cutest? This is what happens when you have a LOT of Minky lying around! You start getting ideas!! HA!
I cut the Corduroy pants LAST YEAR, I think! I found them during the Great Sewing Room clean up!! I am not sure WHY I cut two sets...since I only have The Boy...? Well, I decided to make the best of it and use them anyway! I think I will add some pockets to The Boy's pair, though. They seem kinda plain!
I was playing around with my embroidery software and came up with this design. Can you tell what it is? I mean, besides a snowflake.... ;)
So the little Minky top was SUPER easy! Do you notice any buttons?
Here is how I did it... I folded the Minky remnant that I had in half and put the fold at the TOP. I used an A-line pattern I had handy...I know lots of peices, but it was handy!!
Then I cut....because the shoulders are on the fold it is already connected! No need for seams or buttons or ties or etc...
Then I sewed the two side seams, serged around the neck "circle" and two arm "circles", folded and topstitched. Viola!
Can you tell WHY I don't have tutorials on my blog??!! I am terrible AWFUL with the details!! HA! Ok, one last look of the Red Day/ Green Day outfit...


Now back to my sewing room to finish birthday gifts....Christmas gifts...SMS Giveaway thingie..that I still haven't decided on....Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have an idea, you know, since the giveaway is MONDAY!!! Until later...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And so it begins...

Hey everyone!! Have you started your Christmas sewing yet?? I will be in my sewing room aLOT this holiday!! Do you like my wreath? We had to cut some lower branches from our tree and you know how I HATE to waste! :) I just grabbed some floral wire and started wrapping. I know it is not a perfect circle...oh well!! I've never made a "living" wreath before..not bad, I think!
So, this is a little alcove upstairs that looks over our living room. I've always wanted to put lights here, but unfortunately there are no outlets. So this year, I decided to make my own!
These were done almost completely on my embroidery machine. I just cut some extra felt for the backing and sewed them on a ribbon. I really love the silver metallic thread!!
Not as dramatic as real lights, but I think they came out really cute! :)
I also did a set for Ms. Priss' teacher. Don't worry, this is the last "kiss up" I'll be doing at least until the end of the year! HA!
For hers, I wanted to try a different way of making the lights. I did the lettering with my embroidery machine, but then I cut the bulb shapes and did a small zigzag stitch to sew them to the felt backing. It is almost the same effect. I know the pictures are hard to tell the difference between the two sets, but the HOURS spent sitting at my embroidery machine was lessened!! I had some silver metallic fabric in my stash that I used at the top of the bulb to give it the same shiny-ness as the ones using the silver metallic thread! Either way...I LOVE these!! But I think the time spent "babysitting" my embroidery machine while it stitches out the entire bulb is totally UNnecessary!! :) Besides...I will be giving that machine more of a work out as the Christmas sewing continues!!!
Did a couple more yo-yo headbands! One for Ms. Priss...
And one for her friend...LOTS of birthdays this month...which will add to my already MILE long list of things to do!! ;)

And of course it wouldn't be a completely HECTIC month without my sister calling and saying, "Hey, I've got my husband's family Christmas this weekend...ya got anything laying around that you can make for me?"

Sure sis...always have stuff "laying around"!!
Love how this stitched cute!!
This is a size 3t, so you don't need much "laying around" to make a twirly skirt! I think I have mastered the art of ruffles thanks to all of the Minky pants I've been doing!! So WHY can't I get gathering down?? Isn't it the same thing? Just wondering...
This is for the little brother...
I used some old jeans for this bib!! The "shiny" is the vinyl overlay, one of these days I'll buy some of that iron-on laminate...anyone use that before?
Then of course she needed "a little something" for the adults. Isn't she lucky I always have a stash of hand towels "laying around"?

These were REALLY BIG hand towels. I cut them in half to make matching sets. The finished towels were something like 14" x 17"...see, REALLY BIG hand towels.
Well, that is it for now!! I will be posting things sporadically between now and Christmas, but I don't want to give away any presents I'm working on, so those will have to wait until after Christmas!! :) But don't worry, I have LOTS of sewing to do. I have two birthday parties this weekend..and the Middle Child has RED, then GREEN day this week...and next week she needs a tutu for her Sugar Plum Fairy role in her Pre-K Christmas program!! AND I am seriously considering participating in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day this Monday!!! Am I crazy?? Who else is participating?? I need some ideas for the giveaway, so someone make a suggestion! :) Have a good week!! Until later...