Monday, April 23, 2012

The Wedding of Mr. Q and Ms. U

Happy Monday!!  I am finally having a slow I decided to give you all a quick update of what has been keeping me away!!  Our Kindergarten teachers are so very creative and give us parents so many reasons to visit!!  One of the cutest events (ever?) is the Wedding of Q and U!!  Each Spring the children learn about the permanent bond of the letters Q and U by getting dressed up and being participants in a wedding!  There is a bride, a groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen, a flower girl and ring bearer, and of course fathers and mothers of the bride and groom....too cute!!

Being the Room Mom AND the real life Mother of the Bride...I was delighted to help with all of the decorations and planning of the wedding!  Of course the first place I went for inspiration was Pinterest!!  So many ideas and awesome links to blogs about weddings and party Oh Happy Day and The Sweetest Occasion....of course they also send you to even MORE awesome sites :)

I've always liked the look of paper medallions...but never made any, so I thought now was a good time to try it!!  Martha has a good tutorial...but of course I don't have her fancy scoring tool, so I just went back to my childhood and pretended I was making paper fans folding the paper back and forth and back and forth  :)  I picked up a couple of paper lanterns from the Dollar Spot at Target and decided to make a mobile to hang over the food table...

 But of course when I got there the next morning...the mobile had fallen and the food was coming in and had to be I just acted like it was SUPPOSED to look like this :)

My friend Kathy and I did the cake...isn't it lovely??

And it tasted sooooo good!!!  I did the cake topper using wooden letters that I painted white and then used felt, ribbon, and tulle to create the top hat, bow tie, and veil....adorable!!

All of the Kindergarten teachers share out of the BIG BOX of wedding decorations collected over the we didn't have an arch.  I decided to make our very own one-of-a-kind backdrop...

I roughly used this tutorial for fringed streamers from 100 Layer Cake....which is another AWESOME site!
I say "roughly" because I didn't have folded crepe paper....and I didn't do quite as many streamers...ok, I didn't use hardly ANY streamers...compared to the amount she did!! :)  I used about a roll and a half of white crepe paper streamers.  I used an Xacto Knife to cut slits while the paper was still rolled...gently flattening as I went around.  Once I got back to the starting point, I switched to the other side.  It worked out pretty good, but I was being abnormally cautious...since it was all of the rolled crepe paper I had!! ;)  I also added some tulle to "fill in" where HUNDREDS of streamers would have looked much better...oh well, maybe next time!! :)

I did tissue paper topiaries for table toppers....the teacher bought these little place holder boxes at the Everything's a Dollar store...cute, huh?  To give the illusion of one big flower, I used three small-ish flowers grouped on a skewer with some purple tulle tied in to add a pop of color!  The little pails are also from Target's Dollar Spot.

Don't the tables look so elegantly simple??  I also did a couple of bigger tissue paper flower arrangements for the food table and the sign in table that was in the hallway.  Actually I didn't do much for the sign in table besides that and the little "portrait" of the bride and groom...ha!

So a lot of work...but such a great REWARD!!  The children were all sooooo excited and performed their parts well!!  Our teacher did a wonderful job with the ceremony!  We had poem readers and songs in DARLING!!

My little bride...Ms. U!!  The dress was borrowed from my friend Kathy...I did the veil and bouquet!

So many more things going on...I hope to post more once school activities and Girl Scouts start winding down!!  Have a great week!!!  Until later...