Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love...the Crafty Way!

Just some eye "candy" for you today!! :) Now you know why I've been so busy...still working on things for Disney World, and Mardi Gras is right around the corner!

Love Banner...burlap and vinyl table cloth letters!

These were my Contact Paper crafts featured at crafytammie...

Some hand stitched hearts...

LOVEly hair accessories...

Heart Yo-yo!!
Petti-Tutu tutorial at my local girl's AWESOME blog...Wildflowers & Whimsy...Thanks April!!
Hand stitched Owl applique from the AMAZING Kimara and Michelle over at Wee Folk Art! Thanks as always ladies!! :)
And some Valentines (plus about 20 others NOT pictured) for my girls' classes!
Well, that about wraps up my Valentines for this year!! I had so much fun perusing the bloggy world looking at all of the great tutorials and projects for this year!! Can't wait for next year!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Until later...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Orders and Gifts

Hi there!! Sorry it's been so long!! I've been busy getting things ready for our Disney World trip, working on Valentine's decorations, filling a few orders, and making gifts!! I was also asked by my sweet Bloggy friend Tammie to do a guest post on her blog, craftytammie!! She is having a LOVEfest of sorts. So take some time this week to check out all of the great things her guest posters are sharing!! And enter a few AWESOME giveaways while you are there! She really is sweet to include me, but with my novice tutorial skills I am not sure I will be very informative...entertaining, maybe!! :) So I chose a quick and easy non-sewing how-to! Wanna know how I made this?

Be sure to check out her blog!! :)
Ok, so on with the sewing stuff! I am hoping this is the last of THESE!!
Three pair of ruffled Minky pants....DONE! My serger is weeping with joy!
My BFFs daughter had a birthday in December. So to ease my sewing load for that month, I just picked up a few things and monogrammed them!
I got the cutest purple yoga pants to go with this fleece pull-over. Teeny-tiny toddler yoga pants?? ADORABLE!! She also got some cute footie jammies...LOVE THESE!!
I am enjoying the simpler gift-giving!! But I also like a little handmade quickie. The birthday girl got a new cousin around her birthday. She was going to see him in the hospital, so I made this little binky holder for her to bring him.
This is just a satin ribbon with a snap and clip attached. She picked out the color for his is hard to see, but sometimes it is better to be subtle! ;)
Next was my nephew's bday. His request....Saints pool cover-up.

This tutorial is ALWAYS good to have!! I would have used different bias tape if I would have had more time...oh well, next time!! :) This pattern will probably fit him for a couple of years, but it still won't stop him from asking for a different one!! And of course ANY ONE going to Disney World with me will be getting SOMEthing with mouse ears...

Well, that was short and sweet, huh? I have LOADS more to post, but will do it closer to Valentine's Day since that is what has been monopolizing my time lately! I know that I have LOTS to catch up on with my sweeties...sorry, I am getting to you! We had an ice storm of sorts last week...not too bad, but they closed the schools Thursday and Friday "just in case". I know alot of you are getting MUCH WORSE weather, so hang in there...Spring is coming....right?? On top of that, our heat is out downstairs...where my sewing room is! Kinda hard to sew when you are tr-tr-trembling!! :) I've been hibernating upstairs as much as I can. Hopefully the part for the furnace will be in this week..but then we will be in the 70s and won't need it anymore...GAH!! So stay warm and have a good week!! Until later...