Sunday, September 26, 2010

Skate/ Slumber Party Favors

Hello!! I am just poppin' in to say how AWESOME the slumber party went!! We ended up with 10 girls and had a BLAST!! :D

I decided to do a Rainbow theme, because that is what I think of when I think SKATING!! :D Yes, I was an 80s tween, and loved roller skating!!

I found a free .SVG file for a roller skate and used my Sure Cuts Alot software to cut out lots of different colors on my Cricut Expression!!

Then glued coordinating wheels and stoppers on the front of the skates, as well as printed labels with all of the party info. Don't you like how I used SK8...she did turn EIGHT after all!! :D

Then I got to work!

Pom Poms made from yarn of all colors for the girls to wear on their roller skates!! FUN! FUN! I searched online and found a way to make the pom poms with cardboard circles and I was off....WOW that was ALOT of work!! Then I remembered that I had bought a pom pom maker thing-a-ma-jig that I found clearanced out, a couple of years ago....MUCH EASIER!!! Although I did get blisters on my pinky from pulling the yarn tight enough to tie up the poms!! Battle scars! :D Next, I made some ribbon hair bands for my Birthday Girl!! And then we "practiced" our party craft of stringing pom poms for boas and bracelets. I needed to make sure it was something eight year old girls could do, and have the attention span for!! They did and we had lots of participation! Mostly bracelets, but a couple actually sat still long enough for the boas!!

I also made sleep masks for all of the guests! Which they all LOVED...but really didn't use since there was NO SLEEPING!!! They had more fun wearing them as blindfolds and chasing each other....or their favorite activity of the night....stair SLEDDING!!

I assure you that no one was injured, and there were THREE adults supervising this CHAOS!! Thanks Momma for being here and HELPING me!! LOVE YOU!

Of course the birthday girl got a pair of Minky ruffle pants, well more like capris...she didn't want them dragging the floor!
And speaking of the FLOOR!!
This is the bedroom floor right before I went to bed...sorry, couldn't hang with the 8 yr olds...I was TIRED!! :D
So all and all, a GR8 party!! The girls had so much fun skating, or in most cases learning to skate. Then running, screaming through our home trying to get away from my husband, the crazy photographer...although they stopped every now and then to give a pose!! We did some singing and dancing on the Wii...LOVE Disney Sing It, and Boogie Superstar! We also did a little Dance, Dance Revolution thanks to my BFF finding the Dance Pad and giving it as a Birthday Gift....she ROCKS!! Everyone left happy and I was informed by most of the parents that the girls went home and took LONG NAPS!!! I can't imagine why!! HA!!
I also had an order through this Blog last week...YAY!! I actually finished it and got to the post office, during all of this party planning....go me!! This week I am working on more Minky pants!! Very busy...sorry I PROMISE I am not ignoring my sweeties...I'll catch up soon!! Until later...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Minky Ruffled Pants...and Louisiana Team Fashions!

MINKY ruffled pants??!! Have you ever HEARD of such a thing?? I hadn't, until I was sent a request for a have SEVERAL requests and had NO IDEA how to price them! Good ole Google to the rescue! It seems that this is not a new concept...just to ME! Needless to say...I was scared! Now, I have sewn Minky big deal...but ruffling??? Thankfully my tried and true technique worked! That is to set your tension to the tightest level, and your stitch length to the like a dream! Ta Da...Minky ruffled pants...YAY!! So, you will be seeing A LOT of these in the blog posts to come...FIVE orders, and TWO daughters!! Did I tell you that having a Serger HELPS!!

Here is another pair of ruffled pants for my pairs nicely with the cutest pumpkin applique shirt that I didn't have to do! YAY! Did I mention that it is difficult to find plain white shirts in Lafayette? I guess I am going to have to start ordering them online! Know of any good sites?

So because of the LACK of cute kid's tee shirts in Lafayette, I just picked up a couple of plain ole' tees at Hobby Lobby, when they were 50% off, and decided I would try my hand at altering them into something much cuter.

I cut the collar band off the this tee and added the tiger fabric ruffle. Then got creative with the elastic thread...
Three lines of stitching around the bottom hem (the last two is the hem stitching).

And one line of elastic thread stitching around the sleeve (again, the last two is the hem stitching). And VIOLA, cute tee!

These tees are a size bigger than I would normally buy to fit my girls, that way I would get the "baggy" effect with the elastic stitching. The necklines were a little lower because of the bigger size, but not too bad and it will give them room to grow. Here is the one for Ms. Priss.

The applique letters were cut using my I could use scissors this fancy!! HA!

A little tiger paw embroidery action on a clearanced out skirt from Target...instant LSU fan!!

And speaking of dem Tigers....

Here is another paw print appliqued tee. I don't know if I mentioned it in my last post, but for the first paw print tee, I did not embroider directly on the shirt. I appliqued the fabric, cut it out, then sewed it on the shirt. I think it looks bigger because of the spacing between the toes and foot pad. For this one, my embroidery machine did all of the work. Which way do you like best?

I didn't forget The Boy...

With some Minky scraps I appliqued this football..soooo cute. I also learned how to curve lettering on my Embird embroidery software..aahhh technology. The LSU is a cut piece of fabric zigzagged on.
Now for the Saints fans....WHO DAT?

This is a different football design....I LOVE SEW FORUM!! The Fleur De Lis is a filled embroidery design..also from Sew Forum!
Not to leave out the girls...

...add some ruffled pants, instant outfit! I am not sure what's going on in these pictures with the is just a plain collar, maybe it is a reflection? Anyway, did I forget to mention this post was Picture HEAVY!! :D Ok, one more and we are done. Any UL Lafayette fans out there?

Ms. Priss had a "Where Red Day" at her school to support the local college team. Again, these letters were cut using my Cricut, then sewed on. The white letters are Minky, kids love feeling the soft, cuddly!
So that was one week's worth of sewing....GEESH I've been busy!! This past week was a "take it easy" week. I did a couple of bows and fancied up some headbands for Ms. Priss' school store...I'll post those later. I have some orders to do, and some Saints fashions for my kiddos...also Ms. Priss is turning 8 this week!! I'll be doing some things in preparation for her skating/ slumber party...did I mention we will be having 13 girls???!!! Yeah, I'm crazy like that...I get it from my Momma, I remember a 15+ girl slumber party of my own! Love you Momma!

AND I had a BLAST at my reunion!! Got a little tipsy and danced/jumped around like I was 18 again...only I'm NOT...and my CALVES reminded me for THREE days...UGH!! When we got home, our dogs had gotten out....they are still missing. :( I've gone to the pound, posted on FB and the animal control lost/found site, put up signs around the neighborhood....come HOME already!! We are trying to stay optimistic and hoping that they are in someone's backyard for safe keeping. They didn't have their collars on because of recent baths...and forgetful momma!! But they do have microchips in them, so if the pound picks them up, or if someone brings them to a Vet, we should be getting a call!! Oh well, sorry to leave on such a sad note...if you can stand to look at one more picture, here is one of me and my honey before my reunion....

Until later...