Monday, June 13, 2011

Beginning of Summer = Lazy Days

After the crazy comes the calm!! Just popping in to let you know that we have started our Summer off with some eXtremely lazy days!! :D The girls and I joined our Library's Summer Reading that is what we've been doing. Lounging around and reading books in our jammies.....BLISS!!

Ms. Priss had a Girl Scout camp last week so I made a few things for her...but in my state of laziness, only took a picture of her cape.

The theme for her week at Camp was "Super Heroes". She picked out the colors and fabric, then I just cut a shield and letter "I" free hand. Quick, easy...done! I also made her a new "sit upon" which is basically a pillow with a handle...sorry, no picture. While she was at camp, The Middle Child was at my folks, so it was just me and The Boy lounging around reading and watching movies. This week they are all back home and it is a little more hectic and loud, but we have a Zoo trip planned, then back to the Library to get more books!! I also have some birthday and Father's day things that need to be made, so I guess I will saunter into my sewing room at some point....see, LAZY!!

But, I was feeling a little guilty at the end of the school year, having made something for all of the teachers and leaving out our poor forgotten bus driver, so I whipped this up the last day of school so Ms. Priss could run back on the bus and give it to him.

Just a wonky little free hand cut bus banner for him to hang by his seat.

So...back to my lazy lounging reading fest....hope ya'll are having a "SUPER" summer! :D

Until later...