Monday, July 25, 2011

Sewing Room Make Over!!

Hello everyone!! Hope your Summer is going well...when does school start again??! ;) I am just popping in to let you know that I haven't been too lazy lately. My good...make that AWESOME friend, Kathy "moved in" last week and wouldn't leave until my sewing room looked like THIS!!!

Our 23 yo moved out and left this HUGE corner desk!! It fits all of my machines beautifully! The hutch is not the one that came with the desk, but it fit better!!

Some of my fabric neatly rolled and stored....YAY!!

AND....I have a cutting table!!! I knew it was in this room, someWHERE!! HA! Oh, if you look against the far wall you can see the original hutch! It is that BIG, that is why I couldn't put it on the desk! :) But it fit perfectly in that spot and holds all kinds of little trims and things!!

Well, that's all...just wanted to show off my "new" sewing space!! I got an order for an LSU crib set from a first time Momma in Baton Rouge!! So I am busy, busy!! Until later...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Lovin'....Having a Blast!

Did I ever mention that July is the MONTH of Birthdays around here? Ok...not the MONTH, but for sure the WEEK!! :) Well, I guess if I am to be accurate, I must start the last week of June! So here goes: my baby sister 6/24, my cousin 6/26...we also just added a new bundle of joy through my SIL's sister on the 26th (congrats girl), my BFF 6/27, my OLDER sister 7/3, my niece also 7/3, my Middle Child 7/4 hence the patriotic bday banner above, one of our oldest family friends 7/5, my sweet Momma 7/6, my cousin's daughter 7/7...which also happens to be my awesome man's and mine anniversary, 10 YEARS...YAY!! how is one LAZY momma supposed to keep up with all of those birthdays and events???!!! Lots of rain checks, and "I'll have them for you soons!!" obviously!! HA!

So where to begin....oh, of COURSE. My sassy Middle Child turned FIVE!!!

I first saw a pair of cuffed bloomers over at No Big Dill, do you read that one? She is soooo talented, and with FIVE girls and one on the way HOW on EARTH does she manage to do everything she does???!! Anyway, I thought they were so cute that I knew that is what I wanted to do for my Birthday girl!! The pattern for the bloomers are from Clever Charl0tte, but of course I had no time to order and wait for a pattern and I set out to "figure them out" on my own! Not as cute as the pattern, but sweet enough for me!!

And about the is pretty pitiful of me for JUST getting around to doing this...I mean, she turned FIVE!!! HA! Burlap, fabric scraps (right AND wrong sides of a deco weight woven), and felt!!

Of course being the 4th of July, the siblings needed outfits also...

Flat-front shorts for The Boy...tutorial courtesy of Dana at MADE, don't know why I haven't tried that one before.....AWESOME!!! And they fit like a dream!!!

And for Ms. Priss...sorry, this is the only photo from the day with the outfit on! As you can see, she just threw it on over her swim suit!! (oh...and don't you LOVE the popsicle in her mouth, smoke bombs in her hand, and she is shoving a box of firecrackers in her pocket...PRICELESS!!)

The skirt is pair of old worn out jeans from my awesome man!! It was supposed to be a skirt for me, but I got a little rip-happy and tore the bottom to short!!! So as not to waste, I figured out how to make it fit Ms. Priss. Sorry, no pictures but try to imagine....cut down side seams in a "V" like pattern about 2 inches, the back waistband happened to be sewn like a casing so I fed about 10" of elastic through and stitched in place. Then I used a ladder stitch to sew up the cut side seams. It fit pretty good, but next time I will probably go ahead and cut about 2 inches away from both side seams all the way down, it would make the skirt less flared! I added a couple of hearts with the coordinating fabrics on the front and back of the skirt, and also the tee shirt to snazz it up!! Hope you all had a Happy 4th!!

So for Father's Day, or as my Daddy would say...The THIRD most HOLIEST of all Holidays, after Easter and Christmas of course... I made him another Poppie tee!

I know it is hard to see, and I most definitely should have used a solid fabric, but it says Poppie's Cowpokes on the red horseshoe fabric!! Of course I moved the pocket down to where my Daddy likes it!! :)

And for my Momma, an embellished Cover-up!

They're supposed to be flip flops...can you tell?

I have a flip flop machine applique for my Embroidery machine that would have probably looked much neater....but I wanted to try the hand-cut frayed look...don't worry, she'll let me know how it works out!! ;)

I should stop this post now...I know it is getting to be SUPER long, but I do have a few more items to share!! I am also in the process of shoveling out my sewing room and re-organizing it...yet AGAIN!! But I just acquired a pretty cool desk from our 23 yo who just moved OUT!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Anyway before I get penalized for excessive celebration...I think I WILL end this post and HOPE that I will be back in a couple of days to finish sharing what I've been doing this summer...besides being LAZY!!! ;D Until later...