Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tu-Tus from My Giveaway

Remember my giveaway in May? Well, I FINALLY mailed out all of the Tu-Tu's and thankfully the winners have forgiven me for my WAY lateness! I had over 150 comments, and was so excited that I decided to choose three winners. I know, there are four Tu-Tu's in the picture...we'll get to that. But first up, a bubblegum pink Tu-Tu for Michelle in Minnesota! Her daughter is all about pink, and honestly what little girl isn't at some point!

I haven't done many solid colored so I really liked how this one came out. The tulle looks light when it is just a small amount, but when you put a lot together... it ends up being a bright, sweet concoction worthy of the "bubblegum" name! And adding the ribbon, well as you can see... it just makes it!

This was the request of Tam. Her daughter is NOT about pink at the moment so she chose shades of blue, yellow, and green!

I thought the sheer green ribbon with the blue polka dots would be the perfect complement for this Tu-Tu. I haven't heard from them yet, and hope they received it! I have never shipped anything out of the country, and am not sure how long it would take to get to Australia. So Tam, what do you think?

The third winner was Amy. She loves the subtle colors and chose lavender, light pink, and white for her little girl.

So HERE is where the fourth Tu-Tu comes in. Amy was expecting a second little girl around the time of the giveaway. So of course, having two girls myself, I knew that Tu-Tu's are NOT to be shared! Each princess must have her own! :)

I decided on a ribbon shade that was somewhat brighter than the pink in the Tu-Tu, but I think the pictures make it look more pink than what I remember it can check them out in action over on Amy's blog, During Quiet Time. And while you are there, be sure to enter her giveaway!! That's right, she made the cutest Itty Bitty dress, but alas her baby girl was not so itty bitty! :) Lucky for all of us! The giveaway will be open until Sunday, July 26th, so go enter!
As for me... I have been sewing some, but not finishing anything. And I have been trying to spend more time with my children, which is always a good thing! The girls are going to the beach next weekend with my sister's family and my mom, so I am doing some cover-ups for them, and new hooded towels. I am also working on a request for my dad involving t-shirts and slanted pockets.... stay maybe the new rage!! And speaking of t-shirts and the new rage... you have got to check out Stephanie and Carlos at MooBear Designs, in a short period of time they have managed to cause a lot of commotion in their corner of the world. Soon, they will be ALL over and won't you feel smart to have your very own design BEFORE everyone else! I know I'm getting to that point! So I'll be back hopefully by the end of the week with posts of something newly made! And thanks to my SUPER SMART friend Allie, I ordered and received my Teflon presser foot this week!! Look out need for that tissue paper anymore!! :) Until later...


Tam said...

Hi Sorry I meant to email, but have had a lot on. The package has been waiting patiently at the post office as we have been in New Zealand. But picked it up on our return and my daughter (who is showing signs of being a 'girly girl' at 14mths) LOVES it. Thank you again for your generosity and a wonderful gift!


Allie said...

Oh golly. I kept looking at each one and thinking "that's my favorite" and then I'd look at the next one and think "no, that's my favorite". They're all so lovely hon!
I can't wait to see the new stuff you're working on, and congrats on getting your new Teflon foot!