Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer of Birthdays!

If it weren't for birthdays I probably wouldn't be sewing as much!! I have been busy and highly UNmotivated to get into my sewing room this Summer. I am not sure WHAT is going on with me lately! It could be because my sewing room gets pretty warm during the day, and having the iron on doesn't make it any cooler! So you would think I would get in there in the evening...but NOPE!! By then I am tired, the children are hungry and cranky, and my husband would like to see my face. :) It also could be because, once again, my sewing room is a complete and utter MESS! I'll spare you the down-right FRIGHTFUL photos this time...but I'm sure some of you will remember!! :D Anyway, whatever the reason I am not in there as much as I think I need to many items I want to make...SO MANY WIPs!! I keep counting on the fact that my motivation will come back when the children are off to school in August..let's hope that is the case! In the meantime, I will try to keep up my blog with things I DO manage to get accomplished!

My sweet niece turned 2! Here are a few things I made for her.

I know that it is hard to tell...but this is supposed to be an appliqued popsicle!! Can you see it? I've been told it looks like two tennis rackets...or my favorite, two CORNDOGS!! HA! I wasn't happy with the square shaped popsicle applique that I had, so I attempted to make my own..pitiful, I know! One day I'll learn my lesson and just PAY for designs!!
The little bloomers came out cute though! Instead of doing an elastic encased waist, I just shirred it. I love how easy it is and it tends to be more forgiving in the sizing...just in case I'm off a little!
Next, I did a guitar strap for her.
My sister got her a child-sized guitar, so I made a cute strap.
I put a super soft faux fur backing on it!
And put button holes in the ribbon on the ends to make it adjustable. See our cute little Sweetie? She and her brother, Tiger came to live with us this Summer...2 dogs....2 cats...5 kids....UGH!!!

And lastly, I decided to make her a halter top with matching bow.

This halter is based on the one I did for my sister. I combined a couple of different child patterns to cut out the fabric, then used the directions from the Weekend Sewing pattern to add the side sewn bottom straps. I decided to add the ruffle to make sure it was long enough and to crank up the cuteness!
I used Pique Cotton fabric for the front, and a solid white quilting cotton for the liner. I just wanted to make sure the embroidery didn't scratch her, since it is such a big design. It also helped to encase all of the seams. Sorry if this is all so vague...summer heat brain!

I did this beach towel for my sister.

She had a birthday party for a friend's daughter and wanted something quick and simple. I cut letters from fabric with pinking shears and used a big zigzag stitch to sew it on.

Hope you all had a happy 4th!

I really wanted to try the yoga skirt tutorial that was featured on Sew Mama Sew! LOVE IT!!
I did one for me, and one for my 4th of July Birthday girl...she turned 4!! But my oldest daughter wanted a dress, so it was just a quick pillowcase style. Instead of doing the armscyes in the normal "J cut", I decide to do a diagonal cut to make the top more narrow and less bulky. I also added a line of elastic thread stitching right under the arms to give it more of an empire waist.
So that's it....summer sewing, quick and easy. This was the only picture of me wearing the yoga time, I will add pockets!! Hope your Summer is going well! I've got some orders due soon, so I will be back hopefully by next week with some more things done. I also attended a wedding this past weekend and caught up with family in Mississippi..some things were made for that trip also. I feel this post is a little erratic, so I am sorry..I have one sleeping on me, while another is screaming and playing with the mouse..hope nothing gets lost!! Until later...


Allie said...

Girl, I know EXACTLY what you mean about turning the iron on - seems like such a waste of a/c, doesn't it? I'm not sewing much either, but geez girl, you HAVE been sewing! I love all your projects and gifts! I think the popsicles are cute. Your skirt is DARLING. I'm sure you'll get back to being superwoman when the kids are back in school - meanwhile, enjoy the summer!

Rafael's Mum said...

Ha ha ha Lauranie!! You always post saying you got NOTHING sewn and then you proceed this lengthy post with LOTS and LOTS of beautiful projects completed!! You must have some elfs doing that for you? or are you 'sleepsewing'? Lol !! Great stuff!!

Capital Mom said...

Everything looks great! And you should try to enjoy the summer while you can!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

So,really! I don't know what you are talking about: not sewing. This is about 10 times as much as I have managed to get myself motivated to making. Love it all. Especially the little halter with the "badminton rackets and feather balls"...;-) It's really cute, even if they are supposed to be popsickles.
Enjoy the rest of your summer. We still have over 6 weeks to go before school starts again.

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Once again I wish i could come over and help you feel motivated... I would to steal your scrap material to bring home hehe. Love all your projects!! The strap is an unexpected creation!! NICE.

I think i will have to make as yoga skirt too!! YAY... And i think the elastic on the pillow case style dress is a great addition!

Knitting and warm crafts here in the cold!

If i am in town I'll bring cake if you'll get the coffee ready!!


tammiemarie said...

i love everything you've been making (corndogs! hahahaha! i didn't think that but i can see what they mean! heehee) that skirt is on my list too. let me know how to add pockets, would you? i'm counting on school making me more productive too - and cooler weather since my sewing room is an oven!