Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little of This and That

WOW!!! I've been busy! Not sure if I like it, but I guess this is the life of a sewing/ crafty mom of three! I am the assistant leader of Ms. Priss' Girl Scout Brownie Troop and this year, I am trying to be BETTER at it! This is ALOT of work! We have 21 girls in our Troop, and getting information to THAT many moms has been TOUGH! But I think most of the hard work is done and now I can start slacking off a little....yeah, right! :D We will have our first Troop meeting tomorrow, and have some scheduled events this weekend...then I won't have to THINK about it for another month!!
So anyway...back to being busy!! I did some monogramming for a friend/ Cake business having Momma! We decided to "trade" services. She gave me two dresses and a backpack to monogram....YIKES!!

Can you IMAGINE if I would have messed up these lovelies?? I was sooooo nervous. But thankfully, they came out great and she really liked them...YAY! The backpack was easy enough...once I found a place that my machine would ACCEPT!! Picky, that machine of mine! :D

The backpack was grey and orange...I PROMISE you I did NOT mean to use Florida colors!!

My friend's son turned 11. This is what I made him!

He is all about orange and yellow! It is the colors of his soccer team. The bag is made from a pair of Dickies pants. Are you proud of me Steph?

The next couple of pictures are things I've made to put in our school's PBS store. I FINALLY decided on items for boys...

BAG TAGS!! YAY! These are made from stiff craft felt and cardstock cut on my Cricut Expression. I sandwiched them between some heavy clear vinyl and did a zigzag stitch.

I slit an opening in the back so the information card could be removed easily. Then my friend Kathy used her Crop-a-Dial to put tiny little grommets in for the cording and twill ties. Thanks Kathy!! That is one neat little gadget...must put it on my Christmas list! :) pssst..the link is for you daddy! ;)
Girls are easy enough...lots of bows, headbands, and clips:

The tulle bows were a hit with my daughters and their friends, so I made a couple for them.

And now that Halloween is upon us....UGH!! Still haven't started the COSTUMES!!

I'd never really done yo-yos before. Ms. Priss LOVES this headband!! Wears it almost EVERY day!!
And yesterday, to give the girls something to do, we made these:

So much FUN!!
Ok, I am a TEACHER suck up!! Ms. Priss' teacher LOVED this:

So cute, I decided to do one for ME!!

I'd used my Cricut to cut a pumpkin face for an orange tee shirt, and felt soooo wasteful with the left behind cut out!! So I just stuck in on some burlap and made a door banner for our home!!

So that is all for now!! Personal updates...we still haven't found our dogs. I have been checking the pound weekly just in case they show up, and I went on THE DAY a couple of weeks ago. You know what DAY I'm talking about right? The day that the ones that have been there too long are put sad!! So we "saved" one! Abby is eight years old, and a really good dog!! We keep looking for our Floyd and Peggy, but as the weeks go by, our hope is if you are in Lafayette and happen upon two dogs without collars, but look happy, healthy, and well-fed, they are good dogs and need your love!! Or you can check the Lafayette Animal Aid Lost and Found website and get my info!! Thanks! Now back to the Minky pants making....until later...


Allie said...

Oh you brave woman being assistant leader - my mom was leader for awhile and boy it takes a toll, lol! I hope you have great fun. Your projects are stunning as always, I love how creative you are - you did a fabulous job on the dresses and everything else.

I'm so sorry you still haven't found your dogs. Don't give up hope - we just had one here recently that came home after 7 years! Abby is just beautiful, and how wonderful that you were able to save her!

Whimsical Creations said...

WOW, you have been one BUSY woman! Everything looks wonderful!

Sorry you have not found your dogs. =(

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Hey, I am making hairbows/clips too right now! But, mine are not nearly as extravagant.

Sorry to hearp about the dogs. Don't give up hope. Look at Allie's story....!