Monday, January 24, 2011

This Doll has EVERYTHING!!

Ok...not YET!! :) I've been busy trying to save money by NOT buying American Girl outfits! So far, it seems to be working since Ms. Priss gets excited every time I make something new for Jasmine...yep, that is her AG Doll's name! Here are a few things keeping me busy...

This was the first thing I made. It is just an easy coat and beret made from a few scraps of fleece. I wasn't sure if I would be able to sew such small seams, so I didn't want anything too complicated. Can't get any easier than fleece. Having no hems or edges to finish makes it less scary and it went super quick!! The pattern was from some free American Girl patterns I found and downloaded. The coat is Molly's raincoat.

Ms. Priss was so excited to have something new! Some of her BFFs wanted to get in on the "momma-made" trend!

Some super quick jersey nighties.

These nighties were made with one of the slip patterns. Cut up tee shirt for some "free" fabric, and add appliques from even more scrap pieces...instant goodness!

Some undies. Now, the pattern told me to do a stretch zigzag stitch along all of the edges...not liking that at all. Is it really needed for stretch jersey? I used a 75/11 stretch needle, but it still seemed to "eat" my fabric...what happened?? PLEASE make some suggestions oh wiser friends of mine!! :)

This one is Ms. Priss' favorite!

She is currently going through a cheetah faze! I used a McCall's pattern for this outfit. I got them while they were 99 cents at JoAnn's. Now if I can just replicate that charm!! HA!! I am currently working on a pair of corduroy boots, I am hand-stitching them because WOW do they have some itty bitty pieces!! And, oh...I did a matching cheetah bag too, but it didn't make it into the picture for some reason!

Yesterday, while Ms. Priss was "busy" on her Nintendo DS, the Middle Child and I made Jasmine a wardrobe to hold all of her new clothes.

This was made from a diaper box, contact paper, scrapbook paper, and a chopstick!! The Awesome Man said he would make a "real" one out of wood soon!! YAY!! My woodworker is back in business now that Football Season is OVER!! Ok, not yet but when the Saints did his interest in the NFL. YAY!! I mean, not for the Saint losing :( but for having my DIY hubby back!! Anyway, it was pretty simple, just cutting and sticking. We made some "hangers" using chenille stems, that idea could be re-worked since the clothes are a little bigger than one stem so maybe I'll try one and a half!

Well, lots of other things going on...just don't want to overload you on photos! I'll try and post more sooner! The MAIN reason I have been soooo busy is THIS guy:
Meet Houston. This was my Husband's Christmas present. Since this picture was taken, he has probably doubled in size!! Could be all of the SHOES he is eating!! UGH!! I have to be very adamant about PICKING THINGS UP!! And with three children, FIVE if you are counting the two GROWN boys...which I do since I am PICKING up after them too (?!), I have to make sure EVERYTHING is off of the floor or it is fair CHEWING game for this one!! I have my kennel cleaned and READY!! Many of my friends have suggested crate training, which I am WELL aware of because that is what we used for Floyd, but because of Abby (the world's BEST dog) we have gotten spoiled to the ways of a WELL trained dog. But, now that not one, but TWO of my Crocs have been eaten...I am ready!! :) Wish me luck and until later...


Rafael's Mum said...

Aaawwwww..... SOoooooo cute!!!! (yes, the clothes too but you KNOW I am talking about the puppy!!)
Best of luck with the crate and the crocs!

Amy said...

I didn't know that there were free AMG patterns to download! Thanks for cluing me in!

Allie said...

Girl, you could start a business just making AG clothes - these are too darling!!! Oh that cheetah print skirt is to die for, and those boots! Love the wardrobe. On the stretchy stuff - do you have a stitch especially for knits? It looks like a lightning bolt. That's the one you're supposed to use, but you have to tweak the settings for each. I don't sew with knits....argh...not enough patience.

Oh that naughty puppy - I would make sure MY shoes were put away, and let the big boys fend for themselves, lol. Glad you got the crate!

Hootie said...

What a very lucky doll to live in your household! She probably think she's a model and you are her personal clothing designer! :)

Houston, we have a problem...with stuff on the floor!!!! Boy and I glad Winston was full grown and well beyond his puppy stage when we got him. Still, Houston is adorable and I bet keeps you on your toes!

Hope you are staying warm.


craftytammie said...

oooooh, houston is adorable!!!! our lab Einstein chewed shoes as a pup too. not so much now that he's 7, but he still makes off with the occasional hat or sneaker.

and I love the cheetah outfit! so cute! I haven't made many doll clothes, not sure why, since it seems it would be fast and easy. they all turned out great!!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Wow, can't believe I have missed this post! I am so behind on catching up. Love your doll clothing. Isn't it fun?! They go together so quickly.

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Is there trim along the bottom of the nightgowns? I can't tell from the pictures. I love your idea of recycling t-shirts, but I haven't sewn with knits before (too scared!) Hearing about your troubles doesn't encourage me any!

The cheetah outfit is too too cute! My middle daughter would definitely go for that.

Your new puppy is too cute for words. Hopefully the chewing phase will pass quickly. :)