Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog...under Construction!!

Sorry for the craziness going on...I decided to make a change, but of course, have NO IDEA what I am doing!! So please bear with me over the next couple of days while I try to figure out what it is I am DOING!! :D Here are some back to school backpacks I monogrammed for your viewing pleasure...hope it works!!

All suggestions and HELP working out this new look is welcomed!! :) I also broke down and got one of those white boards so maybe my picture-taking skills will improve too!! Amazing what $2 will do for you! HA!

Now that all of my kiddos are back in school....Ms. Priss, grade 4; The Middle Child, Kindergarten; and The Boy is in a two day Pre-K 3 program...YAY!!

Until later...


Amy said...

Nice embroidery! Tomorrow we start 3rd grade and kindergarten...one still home full time here though :)

Allie said...

Don't even ask me about changing up a blog, lol, I don't even have a picture in my header! I love the backpacks, but I love Bella's best. What are you going to do with all your free time, hm??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

The Blog looks great. I wouldn't change anything.
Love the backpack embroideries. Really like the one with the handstitched appliqued initials. I may have to copy that idea and do something like that on Yanic's backpack.