Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ready for Christmas....ALMOST!!

Today is the first day of my children's Christmas break, and I NEVER thought I would feel....RELIEVED!!! With all of the Christmas programs, class parties, and just general running around I've been doing, I am happy that for the next couple of weeks I have NOWHERE to go and NOTHING to do!!  Well, except for family Christmas celebrations and gifts that still need to be it really only FOUR days until Christmas??  I've got to start SEWING...GAH!!!  So this is what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks...oh, as usual it is kinda photo heavy!  :)

I know they have some fancy intros, and blog buttons that you can use....but I have NO TIME for all of that!!  SO...this is my version of I MADE SOMETHING THAT I SAW ON PINTEREST...

I have lots of the really thick cardboard left over from my Symposium tent...I am putting it to good use!!  I cut out my ornament shape, primed the cardboard, then used Tempera Paint and glitter glue.  I was going to use some fancy lettering, but ended up with a Sharpie instead! :)  I'm really happy with how it turned I just need to spray it down with a clear sealer before I store it!

Next I converted my Literary Pumpkin into a Christmas tree.

I did it really fast, so my pages aren't exactly folded evenly...oops!  I was moving from project to project so quickly...and my dining table was ALWAYS filled with crafts in various stages of completion!  Thankfully, Ms. Priss' fourth grade teacher is a little crafty I didn't have to come up with this project OR go to school to help do it!!

Don't you just LOVE it?  So simple, but so sweet!  Not our Elf, Rex...he just liked hanging out on the cool wreath that Ms. Priss made.  It is a wire coat hanger, approximately 300 sandwich baggies...the ones that fold over, not zip, and a sweet little velvet bow!!  I LOVE crafty teachers that think outside of the paper and foam box!! :)  I made up some treats for the class...also ASOP (as seen on Pinterest!).

The original printable called them Grinch Pills!  I didn't really want to use "Pills" in anything I was giving to I came up with my own saying...

I used a free SVG file and my Cricut to cut the "boxes", then Ms. Priss glued on the label.  Her class loved them!  The fourth grade hallway celebrated a Cajun Christmas.  All of the parents were asked to send in a food that was native to Louisiana...of course I made a King Cake...

A CHRISTMAS King Cake!! :)  And for the Teacher's gift...a bunch of things I've been wanting to make, but never have...thanks SMS for compiling some AWESOME tutorials :)

They were so FAST and EASY to make that I did the same for The Middle Child's and The Boy's (not pictured) teachers...

As you can see, I didn't have the fancy key FOB hardware, so I just used two key rings!  I couldn't find them locally and had no time to wait for an internet order!!  The Middle Child's Substitute Teacher didn't get the Channeled Rice Therapy bag...I was already doing TONS for her and running out of time!   I did mention that my daughter's Kindergarten teacher is out on Maternity Leave, right?  Well, that left our Sub to do ALL of the Christmas programs and parties...and not knowing really what/how to do it!!  Enter the most AWESOME Room Mom EVER...HA!  More like the CRAZY person who thinks she can do it I send a letter to all of the parents telling them that I am HI-JACKING the class Christmas party!!  I planned and bought all of the craft supplies, and they just needed to send snacks!!

The first craft was pretty easy...Jingle Bell necklaces.

But I didn't like the idea of just plain pony beads, so we used wooden beads and some snowflake buttons.  I also found some metallic stretchy cord, which I liked better than any other alternative.

The next craft was a little more work...for me and the class.

They were originally supposed to make a Christmas tree centerpiece using sugar ice cream cones, icing, marshmallows, M & Ms, gum drops, etc...but I thought that would be WAY too messy and time consuming! So I googled some other options and came up with this 3D paper version.  It is a sheet of green cardstock cut in half width-wise, then stacked together and folded to cut a symmetrical tree-shape.  Once the tree was cut, I sewed a straight stitch down the middle to make it stand on its own.  We used foam stickers, sequins, glitter glue, and strands of Mardi Gras beads to decorate it!!  It took the longest for the class to craft, but still much better than ICING a cone!! :)

The last craft was more involved for me, but I figured there are enough paper and foam ornaments on my tree and wanted something a little more sturdy.

This is the back side of the ornament.   This was another ASOP project that I thought was just too sweet not to do.  The materials used are aluminum can lids...cut using a safety can-opener which leaves a nice smooth edge, scrapbook paper, mod podge, and various trims hot-glued around the edge! There is also a picture of the child that is on the front of the ornament.  Can I tell you HOW IMPORTANT it is to have a good CIRCLE cutter for this craft!!  I bought the Martha Stewart one at JoAnns using a 40% off coupon!  It really saved time and my SANITY!!  I did mostly ALL of the preliminary for this craft...I didn't really want to be sitting in class hot-gluing all the class had to do was write their name and the year on the back and glue their picture on the front! :)

After all of the crafting, the class had just enough time to play a game...Pin the nose on the Snowman!

The Boy's Pre-school had a Happy Birthday Jesus party where Happy Meals from McDonald's were brought I had NOTHING to do for them...except make a couple of initial ornaments for The Boy to pass out!

Notice how mostly ALL of my pictures only include the craft for my child??  That's because this momma was so busy making sure everything got done on TIME, that I forgot to grab my camera to snap pictures of all the prep work covering my table...GAH!!  Oh well, when you are trying to do it a CRAZY person, I guess somethings gotta give!!  HA! this last item was done for a friend who needed it before Christmas...some jeans that her daughter outgrew in length!

I've never done a TRIPLE ruffle before...what a PAIN!!  Looks cute though.  Here is why it was needed before Christmas...

It needed to match this shirt, but also be wearable after Christmas.  She chose the colors, because those are the colors her daughter mostly wears...whatever works...right?

So...FOUR days until Christmas and I have about TEN gifts needing to be cut, sewn, and monogrammed...then of course WRAPPED!!  Think I'll make it??  Here's hoping we all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Until later...


Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Wow again, Miss Super Room Mom!!!! I love the TicTac boxes. I will bookmark this for next year. Unfortunately, none of my kids were able to be at their classes' Christmas parties this year. We have been battleing the most vicious stomach virus I have ever run across. EVERYBODY got sick. The kids are finally getting better after one week of vomiting... I did get some things done, though. But, just as you, am not finished yet. Have a Merry Christmas!

Capital Mom said...

Lovely! Have a merry Christmas!

Allie said...

Girl, I think you need to make yourself a cape and put a phone booth in your living room - cuz you really are SuperMom! I'm AMAZED at all the crafting you've done. So glad that you get a few days to relax - and I hope everyone is feeling healthy! Merry, merry Christmas girl, and Happy New Year!