Friday, January 27, 2012

On the HILL and Looking OVER...

...should I take the plunge??  As I am writing this, the clock is ticking away bringing me closer to FORTY!!  Yep, the BIG 4-O.M.Gosh!!  When did this happen??  Just last week I was 30, getting married and having my first baby!!  WOW, the time has flown by!!  Oh well...guess that means I need to stop PROCRASTINATING so much and actually get things DONE!! HA!  And to help me accomplish things just a little bit faster, here are a few goodies I got for Christmas and an early birthday present!!

My two big Boys gave me a gift card to Joann's, so I picked up a few yards of fabric and a really cool circle cutter!!  See that yellow thingie?  It's made by Olfa and has an 18mm (teeny tiny) rotary blade...which BTW Joann's doesn't carry!!  Haven't used it yet, but it has got to work better than me cutting circles FREEhand!! ;)  My Awesome man gave me those wonderfully shiny and new Gingher Shears!!  I was in DESPERATE need of new scissors!!  And my friend Rhonda was just bragging and going ON and ON about the Bias tape maker she got for that HAD to be my bday present to myself!!  I have used that and it works AWESOME!!  I also got one of these...

It's a Tulip light from OttLite!  It's called the tulip because of the way it looks...and the neck pulls out...

COOL, huh??  I love it, it really adds just the right amount of light to my sewing room!! :) I know that I have been VERY absent from the bloggy world for a while...I've been busy being LAZY again!!  It must be this crazy January weather!  Our 24 year old finally left my couch and went back to his apartment (and he is doing well, thanks everyone who asked about him!) I couldn't use him as an excuse to NOT take down my Christmas I did that, and some cleaning...and LOTS of laundry!!  And then the birthdays, other than my own, began!!

One of Ms. Priss' friends requested a pillow...claiming her AWESOMENESS!!

10 year olds are so FUNNY!!  And while I was at JoAnn's I found some chalkboard fabric...for $3.99/yd!! I couldn't believe it, because I had just priced some on the internet and it was $10.99/yd!!  Is there a difference?  Has anyone gotten this fabric from different places and found them to have varied qualities?  Anyway, I've been wanting to try making a Ms. Priss' friend was my official "tester"!

It sewed really easy, and seemed to take the chalk well..even though I didn't read the instructions about how to "prime" it before use!!  Basically you just rub the chalk across the fabric by the width of the chalk, not just the tip.  So I told the little girl to do that!!

I used a vinyl table cloth scrap for the backside, and some bias tape...THAT I MADE!!  I know, plain boring fabric..I could have just used store-bought!  But I didn't have blue...see, that bias tape maker is already paying for itself!! HA!  Anyway, she thought it was super cool, so now I need to make some for my own kiddos!

My nephew turned 7!!  He had an ice-skating FUN!!  He only asked for a wallet for Christmas, so I had NO CLUE what to make for him!!  Then I remember seeing this bag on Pinterest...don't you just LOVE pinterest??!!

It is the Explorer Bag from Chez Beeper Bebe!!  She has some really good tutorials...go check her out!!

I used an Army green canvas for the outer bag, and some fun frogs on a simple cotton fabric.  I really LOVE her choice of fabrics for her bags, but I didn't have any homespun plaids!

I didn't find the bag too hard to do.  Even the accordion pocket on the front was explained well.  Here is the link again for the tutorial.

The Middle Child had a birthday party to attend!!  She was SO EXCITED!!  It might have been her first one that wasn't family related!  So I went to one of my old stand-bys...

Just can't go wrong with a monogrammed hooded towel! :)

My SIL's mom is going to a big Mardi Gras bash and requested an adult-sized tutu...

This was the first adult-sized one I've done...and I underestimated the amount of TULLE that would be needed for it!!  I had to go back to the store TWICE!!  It is 22 inches long!!  That's 45 inch strips I had to work with!!  Once I had all the tulle, it actually went pretty fast....except for that leaving to go BACK to the store part!! ;)

Ok..that's all I've got from me...for now!  I do want to take a minute to BRAG about Ms. Priss!!
She and her partner won Honorable Mention in the Fourth Grade Social Studies Fair!!

They did it on the History of the Teddy Bear, which is named after President Theodore Roosevelt...which I didn't know...until we started this project.

Her partner was my friend Kathy's daughter...those two are BFFs so of course they would partner up! :)  I am so proud of the work they did...and Kathy and I did a little too ;)

Kathy even found a copy of a 1908 Sears and Roebuck catalog with an advertisement for Teddy's Bears!!  It is in the previous picture with the red box around it.

Ms. Priss and I put together the example fabrics and stuffings wall.  I didn't have any "real" looking fur fabric, so I ended up knitting some squares of wool, angora, and something synthetic and fuzzy that LOOKED like real fur!! is after midnight and I am OFFICIALLY 40, so I must bring my old and tired self to bed!! HA!  Have a great weekend!  Until later...


Doobee said...

Happy Birthday - just remember 40 is the new 30, so you now get to relive your 30's all over again!!!

Amy Friend said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!
Nice pillow, too. Love, how confident 10 year olds can be ;-)

ShirleyC said...

Happy Birthday!
I love my bias tape maker. Best investment I've made in a while.
I also love the project!

craftytammie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! those projects all turned out great!!

emadethis said...

Happy birthday! 40? Pshaw--you're 29, right? :)
You will LOVE the circle rotary cutter. Best thing since sliced bread for sure.