Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elise Doll Pattern Review

I was SO EXCITED when my friend, Beatrix was looking for people to review her new pattern, the ELISE DOLL! I had a birthday party to go to and was considering what to make. I had already monogrammed an outfit, but wanted to give something handmade also. I LOVE this pattern. It is very well written and offers THREE bang and ponytail choices! AWESOME.
It is in a PDF ebook file, but she is also offering printed versions. I had no problems printing out the pattern pieces, other than a small half inch at the bottom of the dress, which was easy to fill in by drawing a line following the natural curve. I really like the size of this doll. It is approximately 18 inches, but can easily be enlarged or reduced on your printer to get the size you want. But I think the size is just right for the 4 year old little girl I was making it for!
As you can see, the new little Mommy is into Cowgirls for the moment, so I used some western print scraps I had laying around. I think I placed the legs a little too far apart, but cowboys/cowgirls are supposed to be a little bow-legged, right? :D And what is a cowgirl without her bandanna? Just another scrap sewed onto a ribbon and tied around the neck. I also added a couple of ribbons made using Kimara's Rip/Tear technique.
My curve sewing leaves alot to be desired, but the leg/foot and arm/hand pattern pieces are very generous, I am just not sure what was going on with her little face...I didn't notice how "off" my curve was until I started stuffing it...oh well, next time I will do better!! Speaking of stuffing, I used mostly Polyfil, but in the legs and a little in the bottom of the dress I used my Serger scraps. They are a little more heavy, and I think it added a nice little "weight" to the doll. :D
What I liked best about the pattern is the "common sense" of it all. It is written in a way that you can read through it and understand exactly what needs to be done, and if you happen to have any hmmmmm? moments, just look at one of the MANY fabulous pictures!! Ya gotta LOVE a photo heavy pattern!! And did I mention it offers THREE bang and ponytail choices??!! AWESOME!
So, my official word on this Pattern...IT IS ADORABLY DO-able!! And, I really like it!! :) So rush over to her Etsy shop and get you one! And if you don't want to make one, she will do it for sweet!!
So the next couple of posts are going to be CRAZY, because that is what my life has been like around here!! :D I will try to keep the photos down to less than TEN!! But because I don't post often, I tend to try and cram everything into one post...sorry! I also WON during the Sew Mama Sew giveaway I will be posting about that too...and my wonderful friend Marguerite had her 100th post giveaway and I won a fabulous canvas print from her as well...can't wait to get it, I have PLANS for it!! Hope everyone is managing to get a little REST time for yourselves in all of the Christmas CRAZYness!! Until later...


Amy said...

Very cute! I like seeing how everyone is dressing her differently. The Western look is becoming :)

Whimsical Creations said...

She turned out adorable!!

Congrats on your win!!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

I LOVE HER!!!! Really, really cute. I think we need to come up with a horse pattern now. And then add velcro to both of them, so she can actually ride on the horsy. That would be so cute.
Can't wait to see all the things you made recently and the prizes you won.

Capital Mom said...

Looks good!

tammiemarie said...

love these kind of dolls! I've always meant to make one for my daughter, I need to go check out her pattern! The pigtails are too cute!

Rafael's Mum said...

What a cute little doll! I love the way you made her into a cowgirl!

Your panel is on the way to you. I posted it on friday (18th)so it might either get to you just before or just after christmas.