Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm BUSY....and you are?

So how many of you are CRAZY busy?? Last week while the giveaway was in full swing, I was so busy that I didn't have much time to enter as many giveaways as I would have liked...which means I didn't win anything :(...didn't get to return many "thank yous" for all of the sweet comments I got during my giveaway :(...and didn't get to clean my house!! It is a MESS, ya'll!! Oh well, it will have to wait until after Christmas! On top of all of the gifts I am making for my extended family, there were many OTHER things keeping me busy!

First up...a birthday party!! Well, actually there was supposed to be two birthday parties, but one got cancelled..which is giving me time to procrastinate on those gifts! But here are the gifts for one of Ms. Priss' good friends, and fellow Girl Scout!

I went a little easy on myself and bought some tees from the clearance rack to embellish..

I added the K from a maternity tee that was doused with bleach somehow...but it worked with the tie-dye! She has an older sister close in age, so I wanted it to be "hers" only! You see, I have an older I KNOW these things!! HA!

Here is another one...with some machine embroidery!
And I threw in a wonky flower headband for some extra fashion!
And a crayon first...without looking at a tutorial!
It is not very neatly done...and the elastic/button closure is not centered....I have since printed out a tutorial!! Next time, I'll do better!! :)
Ok..birthday party DONE! On to the NEXT....The Middle Child had her Pre-K program last Wednesday. She was a Sugar Plum a new tutu was in order:
I tried a different approach to making this tutu...using this tutorial. It is sewn instead of tied. I like the effect, but really needed to go back and "even" it out!! Some of my tulle is longer in areas...oops! For the $1 store-bought wings, I just hot glued some Christmas-y ribbon around the edges...she suggested adding the pom-poms!
Then I cut out some shiny silver fabric, bunched it up and appliqued it to a shirt.
Cute..huh? I thought candy would be appropriate for a Sugar Plum Fairy!! :) Next was little gifts for the class.
The girls got Christmas-y ribbon-tied Pony-Os, and the boys got little stuffed felt ornaments. Stuffed with Serger Scraps...see EVERYTHING is useful! HA!
For the teacher, a wall banner for her to display her LISTS!
I couldn't think of anything...came up with this at the last minute when I noticed she just had her class list and Lunch Bunch list just taped to the wall outside her room! Now she has a nice "display"!
Also on Wednesday, we had a Girl Scout meeting. My friend Kathy came over Tuesday and we did the preliminary painting and hot-gluing to the shirts the girls were going to be finishing at the meeting.

TWENTY-something shirts....TWENTY-something hands full of paint....TWENTY-something shirts full of GLITTER....GAH!! MESSY!
But oh-so-CUTE! We are going to a Nursing Home this week, where the girls will wear their shirts and sing to the residents!!
Next friend Kathy had a request....
This is for her nephew...SHINY, huh? She bought the fabric AND some new cutting mats for my could I refuse! :) Here is the applique close up.
This was some slippery fabric to work with...THANKS Allie for telling me about the Teflon foot for my sewing really helped keep this fabric under control!!
So that is all I can show you for this week!! After Christmas I will be able to show you all of the cuteness that will be going to all of my nieces and nephews!!
Friday was Ms. Priss' last school day of the year. Her teacher gives the class an ICE CREAM party every year...brave girl!! It wasn't too messy and the kids LOVED it!! I ordered this from my sweet friend Melanie!! She does such AWESOME work!! I had to change my order at the last minute because I thought the teacher collect KITTIES...but no, it was BUNNIES!! Thanks Melanie for being sooooo sweet and understanding!! AND for doing such an AWESOME job with this ornament!!
Whew...lots of pics, I know!! Sorry, just trying to fit it all in! :) Well, back to my sewing room...only FIVE more sewing days until Christmas!!! If I don't make it back until then...MERRY CHRISTMAS!! xo Until later...


ShirleyC said...

I would say "busy" doesn't even describe it. LOL All of the shirts are adorable, and my grandson would also love the tent. That might be an idea for a future gift.

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Seriously, when do you do all this?! I love the girl scout shirts. They are really cute! I bet everybody loved making them.
I won't have many handmade things this year to give as gifts. Just for my kids, that's it. I have one more shirt left to make; for the boy. It will be in his hockey team colors.
Merry Christmas!

Allie said...

YOU take my breath away, girl! Love all the gifts - the Sugar Plum Fairy could not be more delicious! I love the list for the teacher, she'll be the envy of the school.

Years ago, I think the boys were 4 and 2, I made a sweatshirt cardigan for my mum. Their footprints were the reindeer head, and the handprints were the antlers. Just like yours, and SOOOOO messy! But she still has it and loves it.

The cape turned out beautifully, so glad your foot worked well - still haven't used mine, lol!!! Merry Christmas, busy girl!

Hootie said...

Well, well, well, What are you doing posting! :) Seriously, that's a ton that you've been up to...I would have been in bed snoozing rather than posting.

I LOVE the Sugar Plum Fairy accents! Very Fun!!!

I thought I've been busy too, but after reading your post - not so!

Hugs to you and your family!

Lisa :)