Friday, December 10, 2010

Minky Top and Green Corduroy Ruffle Pants

So, did I mention that I came down with a nasty stomach virus Monday? I went to bed as soon as Ms. Priss got off of the bus and didn't get up until the next morning. Still felt a little yucky, but I was able to get out of bed!! Anyway, remember the Middle Child had Red and THEN Green Day? Yeah, I missed Red Day! She actually had to wear something off the hanger...GAH!! Well, to make up for it I went ahead and combined Green Day WITH Red day!

Isn't it the cutest? This is what happens when you have a LOT of Minky lying around! You start getting ideas!! HA!
I cut the Corduroy pants LAST YEAR, I think! I found them during the Great Sewing Room clean up!! I am not sure WHY I cut two sets...since I only have The Boy...? Well, I decided to make the best of it and use them anyway! I think I will add some pockets to The Boy's pair, though. They seem kinda plain!
I was playing around with my embroidery software and came up with this design. Can you tell what it is? I mean, besides a snowflake.... ;)
So the little Minky top was SUPER easy! Do you notice any buttons?
Here is how I did it... I folded the Minky remnant that I had in half and put the fold at the TOP. I used an A-line pattern I had handy...I know lots of peices, but it was handy!!
Then I cut....because the shoulders are on the fold it is already connected! No need for seams or buttons or ties or etc...
Then I sewed the two side seams, serged around the neck "circle" and two arm "circles", folded and topstitched. Viola!
Can you tell WHY I don't have tutorials on my blog??!! I am terrible AWFUL with the details!! HA! Ok, one last look of the Red Day/ Green Day outfit...


Now back to my sewing room to finish birthday gifts....Christmas gifts...SMS Giveaway thingie..that I still haven't decided on....Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have an idea, you know, since the giveaway is MONDAY!!! Until later...


Amy said...

The snowflake is her name right? Super idea! I like the little red/green day outfit. She looks cute as a button. I haven't figured out my giveaway get to that next!

Allie said...

Oh you poor thing - I hope you're all better now! The outfit is just darling, that must be her name designed as a snowflake - too too pretty! You know I'm incapable of making garments, but you sure know how to make it sound easy!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

This is sooo cute, and what a brilliant idea to embroider her name in a snowflake design. Super cute.

Marilyn W said...

It's a Sophie Snowflake!!! How cute. Bet my Morgan girl (almost 4) will LOVE it when I make HER one of these...and you did FINE on the tutorial!