Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm BEAUTIFUL....or so she says!!

My SWEET friend Allie is doing her BEST to pull me out of my FUNK!! She gave me this award! Since she was one of my first regular is only fitting that she give me my first blog award. THANK YOU, girl!! You are by far one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL people I've met! And I learn something new from you with every post!!

To accept this award I have to thank the person who gave it to me, which I did...paste the award on my blog and link back to the person who nominated you...check out Allie's blog here and learn all about her Sweet Happy Life!! And lastly, tell 7 interesting things about myself, nominate 7 blogs for this award then link to them!! Easy enough, I guess. Although, I may repeat somethings you already know...

1. I was active duty Air Force for 4 years, then in the Louisiana Air National Guard for 9, which gives me a grand total of 13 years out after having my first baby because my husband and I were both in, but he was not travel qualified because of his type 2 diabetes.

2. Of all of the places I was stationed (Texas, Colorado, California, Virginia, Georgia) Shemya, Alaska was by far the MOST interesting. It is the 2nd to last island on the Aleutian chain and the sun would SET at 2 AM!!! Crazy, huh?

3. I was in a production of Neil Simon's Rumors on the island...thankfully the base only allowed Active Duty AF with some civilian contractors...not a big audience!! :D

4. I started my family backwards, sorta, got married (at 29), became full-time mom to teenagers, had first baby (at 30), 73 yo MIL moved in!!

5. I am a Junior in College and have been for about 10 YEARS!! I plan on going back someday to finish my degree in Psychology...not sure what I want to be when I grow up, though! :D

6. While pregnant with my second child, I decided it would be cute to have the girls in matching outfits once the Middle Child was born, so I bought a sewing machine and started teaching myself how to sew.

7. And lastly, maybe not as interesting as the fact that Allie can drive a SEMI(!!??), I can drive a Deuce and a half (a BIG military truck), a fork-lift, a motorcycle, and calibrate all kinds of things (including the guns the police use to check your speed)...and THAT got me out of MANY a speeding ticket!! :D

WOW!! That was pretty hard...I am not very least not as much as I USED to be!! :D So here is who I nominate as my fellow Beautiful Bloggers, I would say ALL of you, because you all are...but I can't link to you here is my list:

Amy....because she is working on the MOST BEAUTIFUL Cathedral Quilt.
Beatrix...because she sends me the MOST BEAUTIFUL things.
Marguerite....because she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL withOUT an appendix!! :D
Eva...because she sews with the MOST BEAUTIFUL fabrics.
Elizabeth...because she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL teacher..and is AWESOME at blogging about new techniques she has learned!
Stephanie...because she has the MOST BEAUTIFUL crafty FAMILY!! And she just moved to a beautiful new home WITH and AWESOME STUDIO!!! I'm sooooo jealous!!
Ellie...because she finds the MOST BEAUTIFUL things on the internet and shares them with us...not to mention her own beautiful fabrics, creations, and photos!!

And just because I have to be a "rebel" and give 8.... Tammie...because she makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL things..babies most of ALL!! :D

So I have been doing a little creating...I have most of my Mardi Gras tree covered. And my BFs mom absolutely LOVED her Heart tree! She started crying...which made me start sweet!! She is doing much better, and has actually started driving herself around again!!

I mostly have been cleaning my house...which seems to take a LONG TIME!!!! UGH!!! Everytime I clean one room and move to the next....the kiddos have messed up the room I just spent AN HOUR on!!!! And the LAUNDRY....a NEVER-ENDING mountain that seems to grow and grow!! I guess all of that neglecting builds up and now I am paying the price!! BUT I see a light at the end of this FUNK and am hoping to be back to sewing this week!! I have been reading my Quilting book and will attempt "real" quilting on some potholders I am making for Amy's Potholder Pass!! I am ready to try something NEW!!

So I will try to catch up with all of you this week and I am sorry that I've been so negligent as of late. Hope you all have a great week!! Until later...


Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Thank You! Thank You! You're so sweet.
Glad to see that you got some crafting done. You made another beautiful little tree.
And seriously, YOU KNOW how to drive a Forklift....!!!! WOW!

Allie said...

You deserve it, sweetie!!!! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out.
Seriously, you drive a deuce and a half? Me too! Well, I DID, lol. But we learned the semi's first. 13 years in the AF! Wow!
I had no idea you hadn't been sewing since birth, you're so good at it! Where were you stationed in GA? That's where I was the whole time.

I think you're very interesting, dear girl!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I came past your blog all on my own... and find you have nominated me for an award hehehe what a great surprise!!

Also you are so not a boring person. Actually I think it's really sexy that you can recalibrate a speeding gun!! *growl* hahaha.

Now I have to think about 7 things you don't know about me..hmmm

Big Love Steph

Amy said...

Thanks! You are very sweet. I had a great time reading your interesting facts! It adds a whole new dimension to what I know of you! Have fun making the potholders. Don't stress!

Capital Mom said...

I hope the funk is short and you can be back at the sewing machine making more cool things.

Hootie said...

Beautiful, Interesting, Creative, Caring...just a few words that come to MY mind when I think of you!

Very cool facts! My DH would be so jealous about the speeding gun! :)

I do hope your funk leaves you soon! I just cruised through my old photos from last March and April and made myself long for the green and wildflowers of spring...and then it snowed last night! Oh well. Soon we'll be into a new season.



Hootie said...

BTW...Happy Birthday! :)