Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Pillows and Headbands

We've had some birthday parties and free time...can you believe it?? So I worked on some fun things! I am currently working on a Flapper-style fringe dress for one of Ms. Priss' friends, so I have loads of black satin scraps laying around. For this Birthday Girl, who had nothing specific she wanted me to make her, I decided to go Girly!! Inspired by the black satin, I made this "Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend" pillow for her totally pink and girly room.

The back of the pillow is a silky soft fabric that I've used for other pillows and a nap map! I think it is just perfect for a 10 year old girl! :D

For the other Birthday Girl, who DID have something specific in mind, I made this My Little Pony inspired pillow.

Her favorite MLP is Rainbow Dash, so I googled it...not knowing much about MLP and found a free SVG file for my Cricut!! It cut out the paper "pattern" and I used that to cut the fabric! I used flannel for the pony's body, and rainbow fleece scraps for the mane and tail. I used fabric paints for the eye, rainbow emblem, and little heart on the front leg. The pillow is a lime green fleece, with a sheer rainbow ribbon on the end for fun!! It was a little work, but I am happy with how it came out...especially because when I was told the request, I had NO idea how to make it!!

I did this quick headband for her also...

And just kept making them...

The above headband was made using the ruffles I took off of The Middle Child's red shirt, before I added the UL applique.

I found this really cool blog that had such adorable bow and headband tutorials....and made these!! Of course, theirs are much cuter...but my girls and their friends were happy with mine! ;)

These are on little clips. The one in the middle was made by Ms. Priss using Kimara and Michelle's awesome pattern...check out Wee Folk Art for more inspiration with felt!! She is also running a newbie knitting lesson series right now, if you are interested!!

And lastly, Ms. Priss' teacher asked that "since you sew..." could I make her a valence for the window in her class room. How can I resist when she handed me a piece of fabric?? I provided the tulle!

Every 2 years our Teachers come up with a learning theme. This cycle's theme is WILD about Learning, and all of the teachers decorated their classrooms and hallways with fun animal prints, trees and vines, and lots of cute animals. I wanted the valence to be versatile and decided to make it reversible instead of simply adding a liner.

Fleur de Lis are ALWAYS popular in Louisiana!! :)

Well, that is all for now! Hope your school year has started off great!! Until later...


Allie said...

You have been so busy girl! Those pillows are fabulous. And the headbands! Thanks for the heads-up about Wee Folk Art, I'm determined to learn knitting this year. Love the reversible valance, you are so clever!!!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Girl! Looks like you have no free time afterall! Nice valance and great job on the pillows. I will add pillows to my list of gifts for the hard-to-find-gifts-for-people. I know, it's probably an obvious gift, but I never thought of it before...