Friday, September 23, 2011

Ice Skating Theme Party

So last week was my first born's 9th birthday!! She has known since last year that she wanted an Ice Skating party, but being ME of course I waited until the last minute to get things ready!! Thankfully with the help of my friend, I was able to get all of the decorations and party favors done on time! :D

The invitations went out a week before the party...but most of the girls and parents knew about it before-hand so don't judge! Anyway, I used my Cricut and the SVG file I found last year for the Roller Skate invitation to make this year's invitation. I tweaked it a little with my Sure Cuts Alot software to change it into an ice skate.

Then glued aluminum foil to the "blade" and added the info and a ribbon "lace". Most were blue to go with the theme, but I forgot to get pictures before Ms. Priss scooped them up to deliver to her friends!

I had gotten some comments last year about the SVG file I used. Here is the link to Paper Therapy...a wonderful blog with a generous giver!! It is a SCAL you must have Sure Cuts Alot to use this file with your Cricut!

The day of the party brought everyone to our house first, so I made this wreath to greet them.

So I've discovered yet ANOTHER use for a Pool Noodle!! I bought a bunch of them from the dollar store...clearanced at 50 cents!!! I just bent it into a circle, stuck a stick from the yard into the holes to "hold" it together, and tied some tulle and ribbon to hold it even more. Hot glue will not work...DUH!! I had one of those moments HA! So I will keep working on a better way and let you know!! This noodle was already light blue, so I just sprayed it with some white spray paint and threw iridescent glitter on it to give it a "snowy" look...then just started adding little embellishments with some plain sewing pins. Pretty cool huh?

My friend Kathy came over one day and helped me make tissue paper flowers...

And then went home and painted a sign...isn't she AWESOME??

I know it is hard to see in the pictures, but I also made a couple of "streamers" using blue and silver Mardi Gras beads. I cut a bunch of ice skates and circles then glued them to the beads, along with some pre-cut glitter snowflakes and pom poms. I also did a quick banner using card stock and scrapbook papers, stringing them together with a ribbon.

The centerpiece for the table was this "tree" I made using a branch from the yard, spray paint, glitter, pom poms, and the cut out ice skates and circles.

I used a big Country Time Lemonade can covered with scrapbook paper for the base. I just threw in a bunch more bead strands to weigh it down, then added tissue paper and tulle to hide them.

For the party favors, all of the girls got a little basket of goodies...

The little plastic baskets were on clearance for 25 cents for THREE!! I used the scraps from the tissue paper flowers for filling and made LOTS of these...

I found a tutorial on YouTube to make tulle

So fun...and the girls LOVED them!! They all wore them when we went to the ice skating rink!

And of course Ms. Priss got a tee for her big day...

And she was the only one who sustained an injury...

Right after we put on our skates, she was sitting on the floor and one of her friends skated right over her finger...thankfully the blades weren't sharp!! With some ice and kisses she was all better and on the ice soon after!! A happy time was had by all!!

Now that it is over, I have some orders I am working on, so I will be back soon to share more! :) Until later...


Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

what a fun theme! Glad everyone had a great time (and thankfully the skates were not too sharp...ouch!)

Hootie said...

Yee-Ouch! Glad Miss P's finger is okay! Love the "Ice" Blue colors of everything! :)