Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software: Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Hello Everyone!! I am really excited about this post!! It is not very often that I get asked to review a product, so when I was contacted by My Memories it took me a couple of days to get over the SHOCK before I even responded!! I mean someone wanted to GIVE me something...for FREE...and then wanted my opinion about it...and then I get to GIVE one of you something...for FREE??!!! How CRAZY is that?? As you can tell, I am still a little in shock! HA!

So as not to disappoint...let's get to it!

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I gotta tell ya...I really like this program!! It is very user friendly and so much fun! I've spent the last WEEK playing around with different papers, shapes, and embellishments! I tend to be a little conservative and have a hard time color coordinating, but with this program I found myself overcoming my fear of OVER embellishing! It is just THAT much fun to use!! And when I got confused or overwhelmed by just HOW MUCH stuff this software could do...I just headed to the My Memories Blog where there are a series of VIDEO tutorials that walk you through it step-by-step!! Don't like video tutorial...that's ok, because they also have PDF tutorials outlining the same thing!!

So, before I show you how much fun I had using the My Memories Suite software, I must explain to some of you who may be visiting for the first time...I don't put personal photos of my children on my blog. You may be asking yourself, "so how is she going to show us some examples of this digital scrapbooking software then?" EXCELLENT that I wondered to myself when I was contacted to do this review!! Well, since my blog is all about my SEWING life...THAT is what my review must be about!

What if you were to use the My Memories Suite software to promote your BUSINESS? Flyers for upcoming Craft Fairs...

Something to hand out to local businesses so they can see what products you offer that they may be interested in selling...
Beautiful photo layouts of your handmade products that you can display on your Facebook page or to send out emails! I told you I had A LOT of fun with this software!! :D This one, I think is a stroke of GENIUS...maybe....

Simply print, and attach to a magnetic sheet to give to potential customers!! And lastly, I don't know about you, but when I ordered my business cards from Vista Print...the layouts were somewhat lacking!! Or, because there were only a limited amount of designs that deal with sewing and crafting you are sure to end up with the same as someone else. Now, I can upload my own design to their site and have a unique and original business card...

So what do you think? Too much FUN??!! Now, I'm not going to give you all of the specs and selling points for the can read all about it HERE. But I will give you a quick run down of my pros and cons.

PROS: FUN!! to use, LOTS of papers, shapes, and embellishments already loaded on the program, LOTS of FREE downloads in the My Memories Shop, they are always adding new FREE kits or papers in the Shop also...if they are not FREE then there are always some on SALE for like 99 cents!! And just like in our FABULOUS sewing blogs community there are many generous givers in the Digital Scrapbooking blogs community! I visited a ton of them and got lots more FREE stuff and loads of inspiration! You can easily convert your pages and books to JPEGS, so you can print them ANYWHERE!! Home, Walmart, snapfish, Shutterfly, etc...or you can order Photobooks from My Memories! So EASY!! And you are given lots of choices as to how much resolution to save as, while also adjusting your print image quality.

CONS: There is not much photo editing capability within the software. You can lighten/darken, crop, or eliminate red eye, change to Black & White or Sepia but it is more for a "finished" look, if you know what I mean. For more of a professional look, it is better to use a photo editing program before adding your pictures in. THE biggest Con is that it is a computer disc space EATER!! I mean, we're talking hi-res photos, papers, embellishments...easily ONE page can be in the GBs!! So if you are doing a 15 page Photobook...CHOMP!!! I will be getting my own 2T external harddrive to store all of my Digital Scrapbooking needs!! :) But on the UPside of this, once you convert them to JPEGS the size goes down immensly!! sorry this is getting quite LONG...I'll get to the GIVEAWAY now!!

To Enter: (Sorry, but it's mandatory)
Go to My Memories , TRY to pick your favorite layout, or Digi Pack (I dare ya!)...come back here and comment!! Instant entry :)

*Edited* PLEASE include your email so I will know how to contact you!! Thanks

Now, if you like having options to enter a GAZILLION they are:
Become a FOLLOWER or LIKE any of these

Now, I did like them on Facebook...because when they get to 10,000 SOMEONE will get an could be ME!! I could be 1 in 10,000...and so can you! But, I like the FB page it also has alot of inspiration!

Speaking of Facebook, if we are friends you can see some of the personal Digital Scrapbook pages I did of my kiddos :)

Oh...I almost forgot!!! The My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software is ONLY $39.97!!! If you don't win this giveaway, but are still interested in buying the program I have an AWESOME Promotion code to give you!! It will get you $10 off of the MMS software AND $10 to use in the Shop!!! Just go to the My Memories website...add the My Memories Suite to your cart and copy/paste this PROMO CODE: STMMMS99372 and you will get it for $29.97 AND have $10 to spend...aren't they AWESOME??!!

The giveaway will run through the week and end Sunday, October 9th 2011 in the evening hours...ya know when the kiddos are in bed and I get to it :D Thanks for participating...I hope my review was helpful!! Good Luck and until later....


craftytammie said...

i love the farewell to summer kit! but it was hard to choose. hope you're well, my friend! i love that you used this for business cards, i would never have thought of that.

craftytammie said...

i'm following them on twitter!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Wow, you have been more than CREATIVE with this software. I love the calendar. Why don't you send it as an entry to Spoonflower for their tea towel contest....

Thanks for hosting this giveaway. They have quite a selection of kits. I think "Apple Picking" is really cute. Would work nice for this time of year ;-)

scapmanufaktur said...

Such great idea to use that software for your business and its an creative result. I also love the calendar, its unique!

Hootie said...

Bet you can't guess which designs I might like...Owl Friends, by Ettes & Company! A-Door-A-Ble!!! :)

Cute designs!

Of course I "liked" them on FB too. :)