Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Again...not sewing!

I tried my hardest to get the Child aprons finished to give to Ms. Priss's Daisy Troop before we had our planting day, but because of unforeseen family issues and BIG time embroidery machine issues I just couldn't crank out 13 aprons on time!! But they are coming together easy and will be done before our cooking day so... Thank you Elizabeth for the awesome tutorial! So here is what we accomplished. BEFORE:

The girls really enjoyed the day! We planted Marigolds and Zinnias and sprinkled Shasta Daisy and Painted Daisy seeds between the bird bath and bush. I say "sprinkled" but it was more like, (DUMP)...."more please!" So I will be waiting to see how they come up! This bed is at the elementary school. I think I will do a little flag to let everyone know that our troop "beautified" the school! I hope to post more before the end of the week. But for now, it is CLEAN THE HOUSE day! Until later...

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Allie said...

VERY nice job, Lauranie!!!!!!!!