Thursday, April 2, 2009

So I'm checking out my bloggy friends...

And I see that I've been tagged! The fabulous (my new word, I can't stop using it!) Kindershop has challenged me to list seven things I love. So here goes...
1. My awesome man and beautiful children! Of course!
2. My folks. I couldn't make it in this life without them!
3. Being creative. I'm really happy that I have that in me.
4. Having creative children. Already! I can tell!
5. That I get to stay home with my kids.
6. That I'm 37, but still feel like a kid in my head. I can't be the only one!
7. SHIRRING!! When it works! I'm having issues, but will keep at it until I've conquered it!

For more on my shirring adventure, you will have to tune in tomorrow, hopefully! I've got one sundress done, but started having issues on the second, so... I am also almost finished with my "Strawberry Festival" creations! I can't wait to see my girls twirling around in their strawberry ensembles! Hopefully the weekend will be nice and sunny! Until later...

Oh, I almost forgot! I tag Allie, Donna, and Elizabeth! Ok ladies, I'll be checking your blogs! Once you post you list, tag 3 of your own bloggy friends!

1 comment:

Allie said...

LOL - you are NOT the only one! I still feel like a kid too!