Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween Tutu and Birthday set

I had a request from my SIL to make a Cat Tutu costume for my beautiful niece to prance around in for Halloween. She found one she liked on Etsy, so I set out to make a similar one for her. I had a lot of trouble finding the ribbon that was used because most stores are just now starting to get their Seasonal items. Believe me when I tell you this because I went to ALL of the local stores!! I even tried looking on the internet, and she emailed the Etsy seller, who was so kind and told her where she got the ribbon, but it was a couple of years ago, and at a store that we do not have here in Louisiana. Leave it to us crafters to have awesome things in our stashes that are no longer around!! :) Well, after a couple of misses, I was able to find a ribbon that she was happy with so I was able to finish the costume and give it to her this weekend. She was very happy with it! And I am sure that Beauty will look super cute in her Halloween costume! I used sparkle tulle and wrapped some black marabou around the elastic waistband. The ears are some wired marabou wrapped around a simple black headband.

The tail is the same wired marabou "hooked" on to the waistband. I got most of the materials from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon is a wired ribbon, found in the Christmas ribbon aisle! But I had some orange satin ribbon with little cats printed on them in my stash that added the needed "Halloween" element.

Here are the first attempts with some ribbon I found, but it is orange with maroon plaid, and it was "shot down"!!

For our next early Halloween item....a birthday hat/ bib set. The baby's birthday is November 2nd, but the Mom wanted to do a Halloween inspired 1st birthday. She found a little romper online with a cute applique spider, which could be found NOWHERE!! So I had to use my embroidery software and combine different designs to make my own. I think it came out pretty cute, and stitched out well.

I got to use my Teflon foot again for the bib.....yep, still LOVE it!! It just makes sewing on vinyl so easy!! I am going to try it on some other type of "slippery" fabric to see how it works. And I am SO EXCITED that Sew Mama Sew! is doing a Pajama Month Sew Along!!!! It is what I've been WAITING for!! Hopefully it will get me motivated to make my children some much need jammies!! So click on the button, and join in on the fun!!
One last thing....this past Saturday was my Daddy's birthday!! We took all of the grandbabies to Global Wildlife and had a great time feeding the animals! Thankfully it didn't rain on us, and it was so good to see my father enjoying himself watching all of the "fruits" of his children's LABOR!! Happy Birthday daddy! I can't wait for Thanksgiving now that you have a NEW electric Turkey Fryer!! Until later...


Allie said...

WOW!!!!! That turned out darling! You make me wish I was a kid again. You did great on combining the design too - very cute!
The only garment I've ever made, somewhat successfully, was pj's. I'm not joining this sew-along, lol! I don't need the frustration.
Happy Birthday to your daddy!

Chelle said...

OMG, I love it!! Super cute cat!!

And I ♥ the bib and birthday hat...simply adorable, honey!

Capital Mom said...

That is an awesome costume! I can't wait to see what kind of things you come up with for Chirstmas!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You make the cutest things.

BTW, same level of excitement over here regarding the PJ Month on SMS!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Too, too cute! My, you're getting fancy, aren't you? I love the tutu. I have to agree I like the black checked ribbon more than the orange plaid... just it's just a wee bit more sassy! Anyway, lovely, lovely!

Hootie said...

Meow! I love that cat tail! How fun!

I saw the SMS PJ party today and am getting an itch! My big baby girl hasn't agreed to be photographed yet, but I'm still working on her!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend! :)

Rafael's Mum said...

Love them both! you make the most beautiful outfits! I wouldn't wonder if you get lots of orders on that halloween set ! It's come out so lovely!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I LOVE your halloween stuff... it's not big over here but we have american friends and did a bit of trick or treating last year and you know Bear had an absolute blast. To the point where he didn't understand he had to wait a year to do it again... poor boy!!

xo Steph