Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Crown and Tu-tu Sets

Good Morning everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I have been busy with orders....THANK YOU! Here are some sets I've finished. These are custom orders, so if anyone out there is browsing through....whatever you like, I try to do!

Aren't they so cute? I like to think that I am evolving! Alot of that has to do with all of YOU!! :)

This one is for my friend Bridget, it is for her daughter's 2nd birthday. She kept saying, "whatever you do is fine", but I would keep asking her questions until I had a pretty good idea of what she really wanted! I am always full of questions, because I know the answers will help push my creativeness to another level of ideas!!

This one is for my AWESOME friend Lisa!! She gave me a little more information than Bridget up front, so all I had to do was refine and narrow it down. Then the "is this ok?" emails began! Thank you so much Lisa for bearing with me! I hope the special little girl this is for enjoys twirling around and being a "Princess" on her big day!!

I also added a "little something" in her package. It is not a surprise because I had to get sizes from her:

Lisa is one of my "Sweeties", and makes regular comments on my posts...thanks girl!...anyway, one of the items I make which she LOVES are the little bloomers. Her "baby" is 15 now, so she is always so sad to not have anyone to make these for! So of course I suggested she make some for "jammies", she could wear a little tank top or tee with these cuties to sleep in! So I wanted to make some for her so she could get a good "look", and see how EASY they are to make. I did the elastic thread a little higher on the leg for these so they are more like the "pantaloons" of days gone by. Of course if you ruffle is not even....sorry Lisa! :) Also, I haven't progressed to bigger kid sizes, so I didn't have a pattern for the size I needed and had to go by my own judgements.....S-C-A-R-Y!!! These may be WAY to Lisa, you may need to break out your sewing machine to adjust the size!! Well, it's the thought, right? :D
I am still working on I will try to post as I finish! Also, I am almost finished with a couple of PIFs, I want to get in the I may be emailing you for your address!! Until later...


Chelle said...

Adorable, honey!

I'm LOVING the pink and green...sooo cute!

You are such a creative momma!!

Amy said...

Nice work! I like the added ribbons around the waist of the tutu and the double bow at the waist on the other tutu! Nice embroidery on the crowns too! All these pantaloons are making me think I should make some...maybe next summer! Maybe matching ones for the girls (giggle, giggle...I have been dying to make matching outfits...poor girls...)

Hootie said...

So adorable! I'll try to get a photo of my "baby" in her bloomers for you! :) And I can adjust if need be.

You are such a sweetie for making these for me. I will also get a photo of my cutie-pie niece in her crown and tu-tu!

Cyber hugs! :)

Kimara@weefolkart said...

How completely adorable! I love evolving :) Keeps life from getting boring. Anyway, these are soooo cute! Anyone that sees them is going to want one... no... two or three... for different days of the weeks!

tammiemarie said...

busy busy! Those are super cute - I love the ribbons and the crown!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

AWESOME idea with the "big" bloomers. Love it. And, of course your tutu and crown sets are just out of this world.

Allie said...

The tutus and crowns are AWESOME!!! And I love the big bloomers, lol!

Capital Mom said...

Those are so lovely. I was looking at them with the girl and she really liked them too!