Thursday, September 17, 2009

What is a PIF?

Since I began talking about it, I've gotten this question a couple of times. As you can see by the sweet lil picture on the right, it means Pay it Forward. I had been seeing this on quite a few blogs when I came across a request for participants over on Urban Craft. So I thought, "what the heck!" I left a comment and *poof* I was in! So I got the "rules", although I don't think they really qualify as rules....more like guidelines. The best thing about it....A WHOLE YEAR to finish!! Now that is my kinda time frame!! :) BTW, you should really read all of her posts...she is witty, funny, and has got some skills in the crafting department!!

Then I started really thinking about what it means to ME. I know, I tend to go on and on about MY blogosphere, and how much you all mean to me, and how talented and special you are, and how I learn something from you EVERY TIME I read one of your posts!! Even if you are just posting about a Giveaway on another blog, it might be a blog I've never been to and might never would have found on my own. So you get the picture right? So if you would like to join me in this "Love Fest", please do!! I don't think I'll have any rules, other than maybe letting me know that you are participating, so I can link to you, and let everyone that visits me know why I think you are so AWESOME!! :)

I will be randomly choosing from the many blogs that I follow, well I don't really Follow, you are just loaded on my Google Reader, so I don't miss a post.... anyway, I feel I have gotten to "know" some of you, as much as I can without meeting face to face! So I am trying to choose items that I make that will fit what you need at the time, of course you might not GET IT for that time, but it will eventually make it to you!! :) *quick disclaimer before we go any farther...I am still fighting my sinus drip, and am currently on some meds...if I don't seem to be making sense, this is why :)*
So on with the PIF!! Elizabeth from ~E Made This! is one of the most generous spirits I've seen in a while!! She is ALWAYS making things for those in need! She is a regular contibutor to Craft Hope, and recently she made some adorable outfits for the children of a new Burmese family that became members of her Church. Such a GIVER this one, so I found it only natural for me to "give" something to her. Well actually, she just opened the package, it is actually something for her insanely cute little baby!!

It all started with a sweet comment from her about some strawberry oilcloth bibs I made. And I knew she was expecting soon and offered to make one for her little one, as soon as she knew what it would be! Well, she had a sweet baby boy!! I got her address, and MONTHS went by!! I had the bib done....just that pesky little trip to the Post Office, always gets me!!

So, I decided to "add on" to the offer, she knew nothing about the new addition, or why I was making something for her baby...I mean, we've never met or anything!! But I just knew that I wanted to make something for her, for her child....because she is ALWAYS thinking of other people's children!! :) Here is the surprise that came with the bib:

Did I mention that she plays the violin? And that she ADORES opera? She also loves to cook and puts some KILLER recipes on her blog!!

Oh look....there is a pocket, with a SURPRISE!!

It is a little star!

And the back is a soft minky!!
What an awesome Thank you card!! Love the little bird!! Noah sent me the sweetest thank you, of course Mom did all of the writing!

And some super cute pictures of him putting that taggie to good use!! You see, I might have THOUGHT I was late, but actually I was right on time!! :) Thank you Elizabeth for all of your inspiration! I am so happy to have you in MY blogosphere!
So who will be next? Hmmmm.....? Until later...


Chelle said...

Sooo adorable honey!

I've missed you on here--I was just thinking earlier..hmmm...I need to email her to see how she's doing :)

I hope you feel better, poor thing! Sending you some get well (((hugs))) :)


Tam said...

Those taggies are beautiful L! I promised a friend i'd make some for her new bub, really need to get some supplies for that.

Have fun with the PIF..I joined a while ago...still have 2 gifts to make!

Hope you feel better soon

Allie said...

Such sweet gifts you made! I'd thought about doing a PIF, but with my memory, I'd probably forget.
I hope you feel better soon, dear one!

Capital Mom said...

What great gifts! Both practical and cute.

Halftime Lessons said...

Hi Lauranie! make some seriously cute stuff! People with talent...sigh...jealous.

First time to your blog, and I'll be back!!


Rafael's Mum said...

Hope your sinuses are going to be ok soon... Those things you made are so lovely! Your blog is a true inspiration! I will do a PIF at some time, but if I commit then it probably won't get done... I am better at doing random ones during the year when I have some time.. Good luck with yours, both the bib and the what do you call it.. feely thingie with the ribbons are great! Love the star!!

Hootie said...

Speaking of PIF...I did this once. I couldn't stop at three people! Which reminds me, I have something along these lines I should send your way. I'll try to be timely and send you the little treat I have in mind soon. FYI, It's not homemade, but I think you'll still really like it. :)