Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Banners

Ok, so here are pictures of the rest of the decorations that I hinted at on my last post:

Ta-Da!! Burlap banners!! I have been having fun working with burlap. I read about it all of the time on Maya Made, but never really thought of incorporating it into any of my sewing projects until my sweet Bloggy friend, Chelle introduced me to The Polka Dot Pig!! Have you been to this blog? AMAZING!! She is so full of GOOD STUFF!! Ok, I have now used that on two posts...Martha has Good Things...I get STUFF!! :) Anyway...back to The Polka Dot Pig! She was having a giveaway for one of her Spooky banners, and sadly I did not win. So I thought about it....and wouldn't you know that JoAnn's was having a sale on burlap that week...AND felt. So the next thing you know, I'm there buying stuff!! I quickly made a couple of stencils and set out to make myself a banner!

And one for my Momma:

And a couple for my SIL's sister, whose baby Boy is turning 1 on November 2nd, so she is having a Halloween-inspired party the weekend before.

As you can see, the more I make, the more "creative" I get!! I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas....maybe I'll do some for those Holidays as well!

But why wait??!! The fabulous aforementioned Katie is WAY ahead of me, she has already begun! She also makes awesome name photo albums and other Scrapbooky type things, AND she designs blog pages, so many things to choose from. She is truly inspirational. Thanks Katie!!

My banners are made with burlap and felt. For the first one I did, which is the purple SPOOKY one, I used a sticky-backed craft felt. I thought it would be easier to hold the letters while I sewed them on. It worked out ok, but I wanted to use different colors for the lettering, so I switched to just regular felt and pinned it on. Also on the first one, I noticed that the edges of the burlap unraveled a little, so on the next ones I decided to serge the pennants. I really liked the clean finish it gave. And because I use my serger ALOT...I have tons of scraps. So when I saw that Sew Mama Sew! was having a Scrapbuster's Month, I started thinking of something I could use my serger scraps for. That is how the idea of a little spider and ghost came about!! Don't you just love how creativity works??!! It is never ending!

Well, I am almost finished with the kids' Halloween costumes. I'll be back to show them off once I am done!! And don't forget to keep checking back for my 100th post are going to LOVE it!! Until later...


Allie said...

Those are absolutely darling - you do good work, girl! Love the ghost and well, no, I don't love the spider - I hate spiders - but you did good, lol!

I love to watch your creativity in action!

Whimsical Creations said...

Those turned out so cute!

Chelle said...

Seriously in love with your them honey!

Capital Mom said...

Those are awesome. And perfect for a party.

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

How cute! Love how you tied the tule inbetween each penant. Makes me want to make some banners, too. But, I just have tooooo many WIPs laying around.

Amy said...

The burlap banners are so cute! That's a great idea.