Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Costumes and a Treat Bag

When my SIL asked me to do a treat bag for my sweet little was a no-brainer!! OF COURSE I WILL!! For one thing, she is my niece and I love doing things for her, and the other is that I knew I would not have to THINK about it!! My SIL is excellent at knowing exactly what she wants!! She knew the color of the bag, the color and size of the bows, and which design she wanted on it!! She even sent me a link to the embroidery website she found the design on! Awesome. You know being creative all of the time is HARD WORK!! Sometimes it is nice to have someone tell you what to do because after that, your own creative juices are refilled!! I guess that is why I am addicted to so many other sewing blogs! I can just look and look and get the best ideas and inspiration. And if I am lucky, there is a tutorial that tells me what to do! :)

So this treat bag was made using another bag as a template. I just cut all of the pieces of felt, sewed them together, then did a good top stitch all the way around for extra reinforcement. I did two layers on the front and back panels and sandwiched the straps in between, and also added a second layer on the bottom, for extra support. Very easy, and such a cute outcome!

This is what Ms. Priss picked to be her costume this year. I said, "Sure! I can make that!"

So what do you think? No pattern, just a picture to look at! Not bad, eh? The flowers were made courtesy of the MANY blogs I read, and would never have thought of doing had it not been for the inspiration I receive from them! Thank you!

Here is the back, with a beautiful action shot!

For the flower in her hair, I threaded some embroidery floss and added some seed beads in the middle of the petals. Then ran the floss through the flower a couple of times, and tied it around a rubber band. She loves it!

The Middle Child chose to be a witch, so of course I thought....TuTu!!

I made a pair of pantaloons for her to wear under the Tutu, and used elastic thread around the leg holes for the easy "ruffled" effect. I wasn't going to do a top at first, just a black tee with embellishments on it, but decided at the last minute to "try my hand" at it! I loosely used a Simplicity pattern just to cut the pieces, and figure out how to add the "V". Once it was all together, I added a little sparkly around the "V" and pink ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves. I probably should have made it a little longer, but the Tutu does a good job keeping her shirt from rising up! For the hat, lots of embellishing on a $1 hat from Target!! I sewed the pink marabou boa around the rim, then hot glued the ribbon, pompoms and rhinestones! I guess that means I am friends with my glue gun again! :)
Here is another beautiful action shot!

For The Boy I was just going to buy him something, but the last minute came up with the idea for him to be Ms. Priss' dance partner. The black pants were the ones I made for my cousin's wedding. His cummerbund is a satin ribbon joined in a circle with a 1/4" elastic piece. And his "ruffled" shirt is a long-sleeved white onesie with 6 strips of red satin ribbon with 1/4" elastic zigzagged down the center then joined to form a ring. Slip them up the arm and VIOLA! Instant Flamenco Dancer Shirt!! I SO love EASY!

Yes, his cummerbund is crooked...he was sleeping when I measured his waist!! :) We had so much fun at the Boo At The Zoo today! And everyone was very impressed with my costume making abilities! Sometimes I surprise myself!! :)

So, guess what? My next post will be my 100th!! Make sure you come back and leave a comment to enter to win my FABULOUS giveaway!! Until later...


Hootie said...

Most creative and talented mom...Your costumes ROCK! They are great! I love the dancer theme and the pink for your middle little witch. Well done, and time to spare? I wonder how you'll fill your time!

BTW, love the bag too! :)

Capital Mom said...

Love the costumes. So fabulous!

Allie said...

You are the Costume Queen! These ROCK!

Amy said...

You did a super job on the costumes! No pattern on the first one huh? Not bad! It looks just like it! I bet your kids are all thrilled. I am looking forward to dressing mine up on Sat.
Unicorns are done and we wait for the trip to the post office with three kids. You know how that goes! ;)

urban craft said...

Yaaah! Of course you can make that, super mom!
I have been so inspired by such creative moms like you that I have attempted to make my own kids costume. Now I have about 3 days left to actually make it work. Wish me luck.

tammiemarie said...

Love these! I was disappointed in myself for not making my kids costumes this year - yours turned out great!