Monday, October 12, 2009

Meet my Friend...

Chelle! She is AWESOME! If you haven't checked her out, do it now! I first met Chelle during my May Giveaway that I participated in through Sew Mama Sew! She made a sweet comment in hopes of winning. I emailed her back to thank her and checked out her blog and we just hit it off. She is prior Air Force, as am I, and her husband is still on Active Duty. They are stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS which now has its very own Target!! Yay!! It is her favorite store and she used to drive all the way to Mobile, AL to get her "fix"!!

This is what I chose to send her for a PIF:

She has a beautiful 2 year old daughter, who just celebrated her birthday!

And another beautiful daughter who is well on her way to the 3 month marker!!

I chose to "Pay it Forward" to Chelle because of all she does. Through her blog, Creative Momma, she finds all kinds of wonderful!! She knows the best giveaways, does tons of Product Reviews, and is just silly funny most of the time, while giving us bursts of happiness through pictures of her girls! She brightens my day, and is always there for me with sweet encouraging words. And did I mention that she is a friend matchmaker? One of her bloggy friends moved to Lafayette from Dallas and she sent me her way! Elaine is just so sweet and we had a wonderful lunch date. We would probably be doing alot more meeting had she not been almost 9 months pregnant when we met!! She had a beautiful baby girl on October 1st, so I anticipate much more visiting when she gets a little more mobile and that sweet baby is ready to venture out!! I mean, it was just blind luck that of all the schools in Lafayette, her son would go to Woodvale Elementary, which is also the school Ms. Priss attends!! So this is my big THANK YOU to Chelle for being my friend!!

Now, she is going to be too sweet to say anything bad, but right after I FINALLY made it to the Post Office and mailed out the cousin called me. I did a bib for her baby girl using the same vinyl Damask. The bib was great, she loves the design, but when she put it in the washing machine....the vinyl pulled away from the monogram stitching!! UGH!! So it seems my great "find" was not so great after all!! The bib itself held the stitches very well, but the embroidery stitching must have been too much for this tablecloth fabric! And I was so excited when I saw it on the roll at Hancock Fabrics, because I had not seen a vinyl tablecloth material in a Damask before! So I will be making a new bib withOUT the monogramming! Here is the bib with pink monogramming and backing.

Speaking of things I will be list is getting a little smaller!! I finished the Mardi Gras costumes this weekend, and will post before and after pictures. These pictures are just so you can see what has been taking up my time and NOT an invitation for others to request Mardi Gras Costuming now or in the future!!!! WOW! The time and patience that goes into embellishing these things!!! From now on, I will just enjoy the costumes from afar...on the parade route....while being pelted with beads!! :D

And if you have lots of fabric scraps laying around...check out Sew Mama Sew! They are having a Scrapbusters month, we can learn a few things!! And go check out a couple of my bloggy friends who are participating in the Contest! Amy at During Quiet time has a tutorial for a fabulous armrest least from what I could see in my Google Reader...I am having difficulties getting into her blog right now!! Amy, love it!! And Tammie and her family just acquired two of the cutest little kittens, and of course they couldn't go without some fun scrappy catnip toys. Check out CraftyTammie for her tutorial!! I've been thinking of entering something myself...goodness knows I have TONS of scraps laying around!! But will I have the time to do it?? We will see how much I get accomplished tomorrow!! Which will be NOTHING if I don't get to until later....


Chelle said...

Awww! I heart you Lauranie!! I love your blog and honestly?

You are one of the sweetest bloggers ever! Isabella was just wearing her crown yesterday! She even made Leo wear it--haha!

You're too funny about the Target shout out, too :) You know me so well...funny how I feel like I've known you forever...yet we've never met! I hope to change that one of these days :)

Have a fab week, honey! xoxo

Allie said...

You are just the sweetest - love the PIF's you made for Chelle and the stuff for Elaine. I hope you find some time to breathe this week, girl!

Amy said...

I love the cupcake! Very nicely done! You are so kind. It sounds like Chelle loved the PIF.
You make me are recommending my tutorial and yet you haven't actually seen it!

tammiemarie said...

hey i was just catching up on what you'd been up to and saw you linked to me! thanks a bunch - it's kind of a silly way to show off my kitties, more than anything :) you need to enter something, better hurry! oh, and i drive an hour! to get my Target fix - it drives my husband batty.