Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Last of Fall

Well, now that Thanksgiving is over we can all wind down and take a nice relaxing break.....YEAH RIGHT!!! December is just around the corner and we all will be so busy we won't even have time to BREATHE!! :) My parents were so sweet and took all THREE of my children last Sunday. We were alone with visions of movies, date night, and long relaxing sofa lounging...that didn't happen. I was SO busy with an order that had to be done before Thanksgiving, and fortunately I made the deadline! Unfortunately, I did not get to finish everything I wanted to bring to my family, but I will be going back that way on the 12th of December, so hopefully it will be done then! I am also way behind on my blog reading, so I am sorry if you have missed my pithy comments...I will be back soon!

Now on with the last of the Fall sewing I've done! I made yet another banner...I really love doing these! This one went to Ms. Priss's teacher. She LOVED it and sent the sweetest Thank You card home with my daughter.

The cute little pumpkin and apple hangers are courtesy of the fabulous Kimara and Michelle of Wee Folk Art fame!! There is still time, if you haven't already, to send them info and a link to your Etsy shop or web page if you sell things online. They have quite the list compiled and are so wonderful to be giving Handmade Sellers another form of exposure! Thanks ladies...I know I can't say it enough, but you ROCK!!
This next dress was a last minute addition to my already huge order for Thanksgiving!! My cousin called to discuss her daughter's bib, and said she needed to go and get an outfit for Thanksgiving. Well, of course I then said, "I'll make her one!!" ARGH!! I have not had the greatest success with A-lines, but decided to give it another go!
Instead of messing around with a pattern, I just grabbed a dress I had from the Gap...laid it on the fabric and cut!! It actually came out BETTER than previous ones used from patterns!! I used snaps instead of buttons for the closures, and have to say I like this much better!!
Here is her bib. It is the same ribbon Turkey applique I've used in the past, but this time I covered the bib in vinyl to protect it!
I forgot my camera at home, so didn't get any pictures from our Thanksgiving with my family!! But here is a picture of the Middle Child wearing her Turkey outfit for Feast Day at her Pre-K.
It is so cute on!! I need to be held back from putting ruffles on every.single.pair.of.pants.she.owns!!
Ok, I've had these outfits made for a while, but have yet to showcase them!! This is what my children wore in their Fall Pictures I had made!! I think they are adorable of course....but I am flabber-gasted as to WHEN I turned into one of THOSE mommas. You know...the ones that feel the need to make MATCHING OUTFITS for EVERY occasion!!!!????? I have been doing this for a just seems to get worse every YEAR!! :) I guess I will continue doing this until my children get tired of it, and start saying....."WHY!!!????" Which I am sure will happen when they are older...but for now, they seem to like it!!
I will apologise in advanced for these crazy shots of my children...this was before we got in the car to go and they were WIRED!! Thankfully they sat still long enough at the Studio to take cute pictures! For The Boy, a pair of jeans with the matching fabric pocket, and my first attempt at a tie!! It came out pretty good, but next time will make it longer.
For the girls....THIS awesome pattern from My Mama Made It!! SHE is so COOL!! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She is a RE-fashioning QUEEN!! She takes the most mundane things and turns them into pure FABULOUSNESS!! The pattern is called Valentina, and it is very well done!!
Now, as you can see in the above picture, the back is not sewed together from the neck to the waist. There is a button and elastic closure about 3 inches from the top, and the sash ties around the waist to finish the "closed" effect. Well, this did not work too well for my children. I had to go back and add a small eye hook at the neck for both dresses, and also on Ms. Priss's lower back, above the sash. When they moved, it would gap open, so the next time I make this dress I will probably go ahead and sew up the back and move the button closer to the neck ruffle.

But I LOVE THIS PATTERN. It sewed up easy and you can use ANY fabric with it. She has tons of ideas and pictures on the pattern to get your creative juices flowing!
I will be back when it makes it to December to start showcasing all of my Christmas sewing!! I also have a couple of AWESOME ornaments to show you from my bloggy friends Melanie and Beatrix, and I want to finish up the tee-shirts that I painted using the stencils my sweet friend Amy sent me!! I promise to "catch up" with all of you soon! I went shopping yesterday....YAY for BLACK FRIDAY!!...and had to take out all of the Christmas lights and decorations so I could put all of the gifts in the attic!! If I would have just put them in, I would have ran the risk of the kids seeing them when I went to get the decorations out!!! So now I have to start sorting through the LIGHTS and see which ones work and which ones need to be thrown away!! I guess we will get our tree sometime this week, and I want to have the my children make some ornaments this year.....but maybe I'll just sit here and be lazy....until later...


Amy said...

Wow, you have been busy. My head is spinning! I have bitten my tounge a few times lately to prevent myself from saying the same thing "I could make one for.." I am learning! Way to go with the Gap jumper. It worked out well. Do you have a snap machine thing or did you just sew on snaps? Everything else looks great too.

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Oh my, you girl have been busy. Love the A-line dress you made and your kids look adorable in their Thanksgiving outfits.
Sorry to hear, you didn't get to "bumm out" this past week...
Get ready for giveaway week at SMS !!!!!!!!!!!

Capital Mom said...

To echo everyone else, you have been busy. And here I am just sitting on my but. :-)
Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the Xmas outfits. I am going to take a wild guess and say...ruffles?

Capital Mom said...

To echo everyone else, you have been busy. And here I am just sitting on my but. :-)
Everything looks great. Can't wait to see the Xmas outfits. I am going to take a wild guess and say...ruffles?

Allie said...

WOW!!!!! You have been so busy! I love every single thing that you made....the clothes for the kids are DARLING....girl, you are too good! I hope you get some time to breathe soon!

Hootie said...

I love THE SASS photo! I was totally loving the pose when I saw your title!

What adorable outfits. Man, do you ever sleep! I think NOT! :)