Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Friday...relaxing weekend!

I had a baby shower to attend for a dear friend having twin girls, and in true form I waited until the last minute to finish up the gifts! But aren't they cute? I decided that tutus would be the best gift from me! These will be her first babies, she has a HUGE family, she is a lawyer, and has lots of I figured NO ONE would give her tutus! And so far...I was right! I tried something different with the onesies this time. Instead of monogramming on the onesie, I did and applique on fabric then sewed it onto the onesie with a zigzag stitch. What do you think? These are 0 to 3 months size which is very tricky to maneuver in my hoop, so it was a little easier to do it this way and I kinda like the outcome, although I am still not sure about the color of the name thread, it is maybe too light. So next time, I'll know! Here are some closer shots of the onesies.

Next up, my sister decided she needed some burp cloths for some friends' showers, "if you have the time"! Who has the time!! But she is my sister and I owe her money so...

These were for the mom-to-be of a baby boy...and the ones below are for the mom-to-be of a baby girl!

And since I was on a roll, I decided to make one for my cousin, since I have been neglecting her lately! Thankfully she is too tired to notice!

You know, I don't like to leave my machine embroidery bobbin side showing, so I added the fabric on the back of the burps to cover it. While I was having fun making up little patterns, I thought...why not a pocket? So the middle fabric square on one of the blues is a pocket, and the single fabric square on the pink is a pocket. What would you use it for? Any ideas. My sister kinda looked at me funny, rolled her eyes and said "thank you!" She is not the sewing type, but for their anniversary she booked a pottery class for her and her hubby...I was surprised at how lovely their creations were! I love seeing craftiness in someone you don't expect it from!
So after my busy Friday, I went to my folks for the shower, which was very nice with lots of yummy food, and then relaxed the rest of the weekend by the pool! AAHH! This week, I'll be back to the machine, hopefully finishing up WIPs, and maybe starting some new things. And I will post the tutus from the giveaway as soon as I know the recipients have them!! Speaking of...Amy from During Quiet Time is PATIENTLY awaiting the birth of her baby girl, she is being shy about entering the world...go check her out, wish her well, and see what she is up too while she is waiting!! Until later...
*I am having problems linking to Amy right now, please keep checking until the link is back up! :D*


Hootie said...


Really, these are cute as can be. I'm sorry my kids are teens and don't need burp cloths any more. :(

Then again...they are still messy! :)

Chelle said...

I am drooling over the little girl cloths! Gorgeous!! I love the boy ones, too, but since I'm having a girl... :)

What great gifts--seriously way better than the boring ones you get at the store!

Amy said...

Ahh, you are too sweet. I spent the day at the hospital today having an US and NST to make sure that the baby will still happy a week late, and she is!
I love the tutu and onsie gifts. It must be fun to be able to do all that embroidery. I'm a tad jealous :)
As for the pockets on the burp cloths...they could be for pacifiers or breast pads??

Allie said...

Oh so cute and original! I love the tutus! The burp cloths are almost too pretty to use - not sure what I'd use the pocket for, maybe chocolate.
I have an aunt who is a nurse, very scientific minded, and she also took some pottery classes - boy did she do marvelous! I agree, it's a surprise. A nice surprise!
Ah, warm enough for a pool - beats my day at the beach for sure, lol.