Monday, June 15, 2009

My Camera Strap

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxing yet again. We went back to my folks to get Ms. Priss, and decided to stay the whole weekend! SO I have several WIPs, but nothing completely finished! I did, however, decide that it was time for me to have a camera strap cover. It seems everyone has one, and now there is a HUGE selection on Etsy to choose from, I figured it was time to make myself one. Here it is:

Of COURSE it is LSU! Because of all the quilts I do, I have TONS of little scraps to choose from! I was going to monogram our name on it, but was in a time crunch and didn't want to add this to my LIST of unfinished works!! Aren't you just HAPPY when you actually have something to SHOW for all of the time you spend at the machine?

I whipped it up rather quickly, and kinda by the seat of my pants, so there are a few things I would do differently next time. But it will do lovely for now and I will always know which camera is mine, since I have a "problem" laying it down and forgetting where I put it!!

While I was at my parents, I FOUND a gem...stayed tuned because it will be a treat! Until later...


Allie said...

That turned out great!

Rafael's Mum said...

That looks really good! You are so clever doing that from scratch!