Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More gifts for Baby

My first taggie! How much fun are these to make? And what a crowd pleaser. I have an instant order from my other cousin for one now. I used flannel and minky with both satin and grosgrain ribbon. And of course, top stitched for extra strength to keep those ribbons from pulling out. I love the little poodle applique, I got it from Sew Forum. I did have a little problem with the stitch out, but it was because I originally had the "fur" part in a silky fleece, but decided against it after I got the basting stitches in. So I took it out, but then when I tried to resume machine embroidering the minky, it wasn't lining up with the gray body stitches. So I trimmed it up as well as I could, and used my sewing machine to stitch it in place. It wasn't that bad, and I think I am getting better with my control. I may be ready for that free motion quilting foot soon!

Here is a shot of the minky back:

Next up, a vinyl covered fabric bib. My friend Allie suggested using a Teflon foot when sewing on vinyl. She is so smart. I'll be getting one of those, because I have a feeling I'll be doing alot more of these!

Remember I told you my gifts were the shower decorations. So I hung the name banner, then I strung up a pink "clothes line" and hung all of the gifts along the string. Not too original, but very cute! And I didn't have to worry about wrapping anything!

Of course, all babies need a burp cloth:

And bloomers:

These were quick and easy, thanks to my serger! And, thanks to Heather Ross Weekend Sewing, I decided to try elastic thread around the leg openings. SO SO EASY!! I used to dread doing that teeny tiny casing for the leg elastic! I WON'T be doing that anymore! The elastic thread makes it "gather" so cute. At my niece's birthday party, there was a 4 year old little girl in a pair of red gingham bloomers with elastic thread around the leg openings...she was TOO CUTE! Now I have added several pair of these for my almost 3 year old to wear for the rest of the summer!

Speaking of the birthday party... the Grandmother Aprons were a hit! They were very appreciative and got almost as much attention as the birthday girl!

I was also very happy to see alot of Handmade clothing on the little girls at the party. I was very flattered when people assumed I made some of the things, but I set them straight and oohed and aahed like everybody else. Just another reason for us to move back "home", I could be around all of that creative goodness more often! Oh well, I can dream... I do love Lafayette, but there is something to be said about having family live "down the street". I know my kids would LOVE it! Well, off to bed with me. My cute as a button teen-aged niece is here for the week, and I tend to take full advantage of her "occupying" my children tomorrow. Until later...


Rebecca said...

Wow - it is all so awesome! I am going to do a taggie blanket soon too, and was excited to see how you did yours. Very nice!

Allie said...

I LOVE the idea of a clothesline to hang the gifts from! You are so clever! And speaking of gifts - sheesh girl, this baby is so blessed by you! Everything is fantastic!
I've never tried the elastic thread [I never sew garments] but after reading your description of it, I'd like to try it. I might even make myself something to wear.

Amy said...

I too love the idea of the clothesline with hanging gifts. I have never seen it done before but it must have been adorable. Great job on the bibs too. So you have a serger too?? I am thinking of putting that on my Christmas list this year. Do you recommend yours? The taggie is cute too. When my baby doll gets a little bigger, I'll have to make her one.

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Awww i want a minky taggy toy now!! haha

xo Steph

Kindershop said...

I love making taggie blankets too. They are so quick and always look great and you can be sure the recipient will love it.
Love your bloomers too. Great job.