Monday, January 19, 2009

Keeping that Resolution

I had a good and productive weekend. I am trying to keep that "Get organized" resolution. So I went to the consignment shop that I sell my Tu-tus and discussed organizational things with the owner who is awesome! Unfortunately for her, she and I are alot alike. We have all kinds of wonderful ideas, but not enough time and sometimes, not enough motivation to follow through. Maybe together we can overcome that! Her hubby made a really cute counter top display so I decided, actually we decided to copy it for my tu-tus. I was actually motivated enough to finish it and it is ready to be taken in to display all of my tu-tus. Hooray! I also did a mini one for the girls, but I didn't have enough end caps to finish it. But the size would be a good counter display for bibs and burps, I think.
Anyway, I made the tu-tus also. Before I bring it to the store, I am going to make a couple more, but solid colors I think. I have a couple already there besides the Mardi Gras theme, there are LSU and UL Lafayette themes. They are left from the fall, so now I think it is time for some cheery colors. The name of the consignment shop is My Cutie Patootie on Rena Drive if anyone local is interested. The owner is highly motivated to sell locally handmade items. She has some burps and bibs, hair bows, bow hangers, A-line dresses, and my tu-tus! She is really sweet and laid-back.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to have a serger!! I finally made PJ pants for my girls! They picked out the material in November!! Once I got the flannel cut it only took MINUTES to sew them up!! I love it! It took longer to put the elastic waistband in! Needless to say, they were happy to have them last night!

I also made a penguin pair for Miss Priss, but finished the kitties first so that is what she wore! I've added them to the slideshow on the left. I also added a link to the DIY network site. For anyone interested they have great ideas and even teaches you how to make stuff. A friend asked me to remind her about casting on and purl stitches, we've switched to KNITTING for those who don't follow, anyway this site has a good craft section and glossary index so I thought it might be fun to send you there! I am very upset with the channel though. Usually during the day they have all of the craft type programs on, but here lately they have had home improvement shows on. Nobody wants to improve there homes until the spring, during the winter people stay inside and make stuff!! Ok, my mini rant is over. Happy Martin Luther King Jr day, enjoy your children being home from school! Until later...

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