Monday, May 4, 2009

The Boy's First Birthday

Well, if you have been missing me, let me show you why...

These were the party favors for my son's first birthday party. It has pretty much been consuming my sewing time. There was a total of 15 T-shirts, 3 pillow case dresses, and 1 bib. I also did a birthday outfit for him to wear.

It was my first attempt at a party hat. Very easy! I used stiff felt square from Hobby Lobby. Just traced a pattern from an existing party hat. I did make it a little bigger so I would have more room to embroider on. I could have come down with the name some. I will be doing one for my niece sometime this week and will use the lessons I've learned from making this one!

The bib for the birthday boy, and this one for a guest is made from a vinyl table pad with a black corduroy backing. The table pad material is a little bit thicker than regular vinyl table coverings, so it make it easier to machine embroider on.

And instead of fighting the hoop to applique on an infant onesie, I decided to make pillowcase dresses for the three baby girls. Just a simple white cotton with no lining makes this a good summer dress.
Everyone loved the "thanks for coming" gifts, and I saved money from not having to buy a bunch of cheap toys and candy! It just cost me time and a little piece of my sanity! :)
This week I will be finishing up a quilt order, the girl scout aprons, and I am going to attempt this cute bag tutorial for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon door prizes. Until later...


Allie said...

Wow, no wonder you haven't posted - you have been so busy!! Love it all! Nicholas is a CUTIE!!!!!!!!

Lauranie said...

Thank you Allie! But now that he is 1, he is starting to exhibit "toddler" like behavior! Help me!!! :)