Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Towels are great!

Hey there! How have you been? I have been running like crazy! The last couple of weeks of school have been very busy. First grade is sorta like Kindergarten with parties and now Awards! And then there was Girl Scouts! It will be over soon! Then maybe I can get back to sewing!! I have managed to squeeze in a little bit out of necessity. Whenever there is a birthday, there has to be a hooded towel! But I think I am running out of kids to make them for! There are a few exceptions of mom's who ask for another one, but I think the newness of them wears off and kids just want toys or money!! So I have to make it count the first time!

I have been experimenting with different embroidery designs, some I bought, but most are free from the wonderful contributors at Sew Forum! I just can't say enough about the generosity that flows from that site! I am so lucky I found them and I always want to spread the word so someone else can benefit from them. They have so much more than machine embroidery designs, they also have great information about starting a sewing business, sewing machine details and opinions, and a great "show off" page! There are also some tutorials that I have found helpful, so if you sew...check them out! I don't have a link, because you do have to be a member and sign in, but it is free, just carefully monitored.

So anyway....without further ado, here are my last couple of hooded towel creations.

I love this rocket applique, and when I finally get around to it I will use it for The boy's towel!
This was one of the first times I used name add-ons! I think it came out really cute. I've used them on the sport hand towels I did, but don't really know why I never thought of using them on my hooded towels! I was kinda in a rush, so my pictures are not that great, sorry. The add-ons are a daisy, a butterfly, and a ladybug! The big white daisy is an applique with terry and felt. The dragonfly is all machine embroidery and stitched out very smooth! This was a free design. Cute, cute!

These pictures did not do the little gekko justice. He is very detailed and colorful! The turtle is still wet because I decided to remove the stabilizer with water instead of trying to pull it off like I normally do! It pulls on the embroidery and this was not something I wanted to mess up! :) I love the brown with the green. Luckily, all gift receivers loved the towels! I will be doing two more this week. I also finished the quilt I was working on, I'll be posting later this week! Also, I am still trying to decide what I will be giving away for the Sew, Mama, Sew! May Giveaway Day! I'm thinking tu-tu, personalized bib...hooded towel? Hey, I'm on a roll! Until Later...

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Allie said...

Cute cute stuff, girl! My friend that taught me to sew used to make aprons for the neighborhood kids on their birthdays. Regular for the girls, carpenters' for the boys. She'd put dime store stuff in the pockets and the kids loved them. I've never been brave enough to make something for kids, lol, I always opt out and go for the toys r us junk.