Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to School

The 2nd grade Supply List had a Heavy Duty zipper bag (found at WalMart) as one of the needed supplies. Now what kind of Crafty Momma would I be if I sent Ms. Priss to school with one of those? She also had a friend with a birthday last week, so she got one too!

The girls had fun going through all of my embroidery designs looking for the perfect self expression to add along with their names. And they got to pick the font and all of the colors! Right down to the color of the mermaids eyes, and stripes on the kitty!
I've had this upholstery fabric forever, and have made other things with it. I love being able to go to my stash and find what I need! I haven't done a zipper in a while, but after carefully reading the directions on the package, I decided to wing it! :) By the second one, I felt like a pro. Maybe it is time to try a skirt or dress?

And no matter how much I tried to dissuade the cheap $9 backpack, this was the one that was needed:

So I tried to find the perfect monogram match, and I think I did pretty good!

Hopefully the backpack will make it through the year. I prefer JanSports myself!

The last items are my attempts to join in on the fun over at Sew Mama Sew! It is hand sewing month. There is so much talent going on over there so click on over and check out the cuteness!

These little cuties came from Wee Folk Art. Well the pattern for the barrette covers, and the little flowers and cupcakes did. This is what I did on my mini Vacation! I had to finish them up once I got home, but I think they are not too bad. I think I have a long way to go to become as good as the ladies over there. If you like hand sewing, you really need to check out all of their AWESOME and free patterns! A truly inspirational blog! Of course, if we are going to talk about hand sewing.... then you really need to visit some of my other bloggy friends that are WAY better at it than me. Allie even makes her own designs and shares them with all of us! She is so sweet and super talented! And there is always some beautiful hand stitching going on at Kindershop Online! Her flowers are NEVER wonky! Go congratulate her and enter her 100th post giveaway!! Amy did some fancy stitching for her mom, called Sashiko embroidery and was even doing it right before they wheeled her in the delivery room!! Now she is hand stitching while holding her beautiful new baby girl! Ladies, I am so happy I stumpled upon you, you are all so talented and truly an inspiration to me! And like my friend Stephanie so wisely said after she hand sewed a softie, "I was in need of some sewing for my soul." So all of you out there who wish they had a sewing machine....just pick up a needle, thread, embroidery floss, or whatever you like to use and make something. And don't forget to leave a comment over at Sew Mama Sew! during this week, you could win a Hand Sewing Kit!


Rebecca said...

Nice job on the zipper bags - I'm sure those girls are going to have the COOLEST bags at school!!!

Chelle said...

I love it all! And those zipper pouches are adorable--they are so lucky to have cute ones!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

Very nice zipper pouches. Such cute embroideries.
Love the little hair clippies. I think I may try some. How about maze and blue with a big M in the middle... he, he.

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Thanks for your super kind words. You can't believe how fun it is for Michelle and I to see others using our designs. Your barrettes turned out great and I'm sure the girls are going to love showing them off. And as happenstance would have it, I've posted 4 new barrette designs today! Hope you like them as well as the others. BTW your zipper bags are fabulous! What incredible colors, too!

Allie said...

I LOVE the zipper bags. You know, after I did my first zipper I thought, is that all there is to it? But then I didn't do one for awhile and got all intimidated again, lol. Lovely monogram on the backpack!
Those barrettes are so cute, Lauranie! Makes me wish I had a girl, lol. Thanks for the very kind words, sweetie!

Hootie said...

Cute barrettes! Did you see the new designs over at Wee Folk Arts? Love your zipper pouches too! Time to make cookies for me - first day of school for the kids! :)

Whimsical Creations said...

What a great idea with those zipper bags. The hair clippies are adorable.

Amy said...

You're so sweet. I always look forward to your comments and seeing what you are up to as well. I like the hairclips! I have made some that are similar for Lily. I will have to check out Wee Folk Art now too. It's so neat the way you can add embroidery to the backpack and zipper pouches. Your kids must think that is just the coolest.

Jennifer said...

Nice bags!! Love the embroidery! Another thing to add to my "must get" list. lol