Saturday, August 22, 2009

Team Tu-Tus

In South Louisiana we take our football seriously. How cute would it be to go tailgating in these tu-tus? I love making these because the color combinations are unlimited. And it is good practice for me to try all different colors so I can work on my color mixing!!

I am so ready for the Fall. It is my favorite season. Not only am I ready for cooler weather, but there is just something nostalgic about Autumn. The smell of leaves burning always takes me back. The beginning of a new school year was something to get excited about. Getting new clothes, shoes, and school supplies was a big deal around our house since my mother was always the avid budgeter. We would go on two big shopping trips a year, once at the beginning of school, and once before Easter. We would get our Easter outfits and summer clothes.

Oh, but enough about me....

Above on the right is, of course, an LSU tu-tu. I love the polka-dotted ribbon, it just adds a little something.

And next, the New Orleans Saints tu-tu. I used a pale yellow with the black, and added some gold sheer organdy ribbon. I think it came out pretty good!

Here is one for the local college, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Rajun Cajuns

Aren't the red and white polka dots darling? This particular tu-tu found a new home with a sweet little girl who just turned one! You know, I've been debating combining the UL colors with the LSU ones because here in Lafayette there are a lot of families that consider themselves "A House Divided". That is because maybe one parent went to UL and the other to LSU. See....SERIOUS football fans!

And this one is from my hometown, or close enough... Southeastern Louisiana University Lions
This is where I went to college, but at the time they did not have a football team. The college opened its admission and was named the Fastest Growing University for a little while, then they had to close the admissions again because the school grew BIGGER than the small town could accommodate!! I've got the parking ticket receipts to prove it!! It was a nightmare! A couple years ago they finally started the football program back up, and the locals have a College football game to go to on Saturday nights once again!!

Do you have a favorite team? What are the colors? Remember...I'm trying to learn! :)

I have a couple of these Team Tu-tus in Hammond. They are featured at Baby Rossie, which has some gorgeous Cribs and furniture for the nursery. And the bedding they have on display are always unique and current! It makes me want to have another one, just so I can have a nursery to decorate.....NOT!!!

But seriously, it is a sweet store. Well, I am off to finish some orders, which I am SO EXCITED to have. This economic downturn has seriously affected my sewing and crafting habits! So if you see anything you like...and you don't think you could make it yourself.....I would LOVE to make something for you. These tu-tus are 8 inches in length and start at $15 for sizes that range from newborn to 24 months. Have a great weekend, until later...


Allie said...

Brilliant, Lauranie! I love them! Maybe someday I'll have a granddaughter you can make some for....sigh. I miss girly things.

Jennifer said...

Cute but you definitely need to make some blue and white UK tutus!

Beatrix from Kindershop said...

...but I told you before....!!!! Maize and Blue, of course.
I will also go for red/white: Let's go Red Wings... Or black/white/light blue: Let's go Victory (Honda)!
Great Tutus.
Go Blue!

Amy said...

That's great that you are getting orders! Nice tutus...I am really not into team sports and all so I can't suggest any color combos! LOL.

Chelle said...

Super cute, girl!! And how cool is it that you have some at a boutique?! That's awesome!

As for about Red and yellow for the KC Chiefs? Super cute!

Do you have a button for your blog so I can advertise for you? I would do it on my blog for you for free! Let me know--if not I know of a great blog designer who could probably do one for a great price :)

Whimsical Creations said...

Those are adorable! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

How fun are those? I can imagine how awesome cheering in tutus at tailgating events would be. I'd be some sort of turncoat if I weren't a Husker at aunt even named her dog Tom after Tom Osborne (such a great man--it's been sad in NE without him)'s good that the University of Houston, where I went has similar colors.

A. said...

Ohh they are just adorable.
I love them :)

Eva said...

I love the color combinations. The top and bottom are my favorite.
I know nothing of sports and their accompanying colors, but the tutus sure are pretty!