Thursday, August 27, 2009

Embellished Tote and a Sweet Lil Mouse

I have been CRAZY busy this week with orders *WOO HOO*!! Which I am hoping to finish up soon! While I've been waiting for design choice emails, I've been getting the Middle Child ready for Pre-K! Another *WOO HOO*! :) We decided, because she is "the middle child", that she needed to start a Pre-K 3 program, instead of waiting another year. She is only going two days a week, but she is SO EXCITED! Tomorrow is her first day, and I couldn't let her go with just her plain ole school tote bag!! On the other side of the bag is the screen printed school logo, but I got permission to away I went!! I gave her the choice of polka dots or flowers...guess what she chose? I think it came out super cute, and she LOVES it! Now I'll stop tooting my own horn for today and give you a link that shows you how to make a REAL back pack!! Eva at Uniquety drew up her own pattern and away SHE went, but with pictures....and step-by-step instructions!! I see one of those in my future, because they are just AWESOME!!

Speaking of AWESOME, have you visited Wee Folk Art yet? Love their patterns...and did I mention they are FREE?? Look what Ms. Priss made:

EEK! A mouse! Bookmark! Isn't it so sweet? I did the ears, eyes and whiskers, but she braided the least more than half of it anyway! And she stitched it together! She brought it to school today, and everyone oohed and aahhed over it!! Kimara and Michelle just come up with the cutest things, and they are so easy....well SOME of them are! :) I don't EVEN want to attempt some of the more difficult stitching techniques...but it is nice to know that when I am ready...they will be there!
Well, if you have noticed I've added a few things on the left! I have a slide show for some of the Embroidery Fonts I have...and let me tell you I HAVE ALOT MORE! I don't think I am ready to even start trying to do a Designs slide show OR an Applique one!! This stuff is time consuming!! But, I will be more ORGANIZED...and that my friends is my ultimate goal! :) Until later...


Hootie said...

Hey Superhuman Mom! Do you sleep? :) You do keep busy. Love the mousy bookmark. Great job by your sweetie. And the bag is adorable too! :)

Jennifer said...

Love the tote!! So adorable

Allie said...

Yay for orders!!!!! Love the tote bag, good job - and the bookmark!

I don't even want to think about how many fonts I have, or designs. I used to number each one, print it out and file it by category in a binder. I stopped when I got more than ten thousand. Now it's just chaotic mess. When I was thinking about doing custom orders, I was going to stitch out words in each font, and put them in a binder for folks to look through, but I'd have way too many binders!!!!!

Capital Mom said...

I love the mouse. Those would make such cute gifts to give to friends.

I hope Middle Child likes school!