Friday, February 20, 2009

My First Handbag

Well, technically it is a shoulder bag. I got this pattern from Tiny Happy, which is on the left under "The people I learn from". It was so easy and very easy to follow! I did not however, read it carefully enough to realize that I put the pocket and the monogram on the wrong part of the bag!! But I think it works, I will find out once the recipient uses it and lets me know all the "wrongs"! In the picture to the right, you can kinda see the monogram on what I call "the front" of the purse. I call it that because when you are walking with it on that is the part you see first. "The sides" are a bit floppy, because it is a floppy bag and I didn't put any interfacing in it to make it more stiff, so that is why I think the pocket and the monogramming works on "the front & back".
Here are some more views, which can also be seen under "The things I've made" slideshow on the left of the page.
The outside of the bag is canvas, this is the striped fabric I ordered that I wasn't sure of. I thought it was a quilting cotton, but once it came in and I felt it I knew it would not be going in any of my quilts! But I am very happy with it because it is the only sorta purple and yellow outdoor fabric I've been able to find and I will be using it to make pillows for the patio furniture and swings!

The inside liner is also a cotton, I chose not to use the silky fabric that is usually used for lining handbags. I think it will make it easier to wash.

I added the blue background to try to show the colors of the bag. My pictures are far from professional quality, but if you look you can see that it is more of a purple than a blue. Well, all in all I am happy with the outcome and will probably make one for me. I will work on the closure of the bag, because I know some people like their bag to close fully, so maybe a zipper or a couple of snaps. I also found a pattern for an actual handbag that has the wooden or plastic, whichever I choose to buy, handles. I know someone's birthday is coming up, so that would be good practice! :) Until later...

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