Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My favorite dress pattern

Good morning! Today I will be telling you all about my new favorite dress pattern. It is by Sew Baby! an I love that it is all one piece!

And it is reversible, so you get two dresses for the same amount of work! The greatest. It is an A-line, but the back crosses, which I have been told is an old pattern. Many who have seen the dress or was told about have said that their grandmother or mother use to make this dress for them! It must be making a comeback! Here are some more views, I have also added these to the slideshows on the left.

I did find a problem once the dress was on the Middle Child, the front was longer than the back. I am waiting to hear from the other dress recipient to see if it is a pattern problem or a "my sizing/ sewing" problem. All in all, it looks very cute on and it was very easy to sew. I did hand stitch the buttons on because they are back-to-back because of the reversible element, but did the button holes on my machine quick and easy.

The "panties" as they call them, I call them bloomers, were just as easy. They have the 3 seams pattern cut, which I prefer. This means they seam up the front and back, at the crotch, and down the "inside" leg, if that makes any sense! I don't like pants/bloomers that have the seams at the "inside" and down the outer side of the leg. This pattern does sew the crotch a little differently than I'm used to and I think I like it better. It has you sew the front and back seam first, then strait across the crotch, I think it makes the crotch part more flexible for a better fit. For all of you non-sewers, sorry if you don't understand a word I am typing! And for all of you sewers, sorry if I am not making any sense whatsoever!!
Well, I am back to my house shoveling. Until later...


Kindershop said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. They were really quite easy to make. Also, I bought the SewBaby pattern for the reversible dress. Got it in the mail a couple of days ago. Can't wait to try it out.

Kindershop said...

Coming back to the buttons: At first I had two buttons on each side as well. But I found it way too tight, bulky and just plain uncomfortable looking. So, I took one off. The one that's still on there I sewed on by only catching one layer of fabric and the interfacing, so you will not see the stitches once they wear the dress on the "wrong" side. It looks fine to me and just as intended...;-)

Kristin Joy said...

Wow!! Those really wonderful pattern for baby dresses!! Red one is my favorite!!