Monday, February 16, 2009

For my Godson...FINALLY!!

I finally finished my Godson's Christmas gift! I've been working on this for 2 YEARS! Not because it was so difficult to do, but because I wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. The knitted and crocheted "squares" have been done for about a year and a 1/2, then I started piecing them together, then it sat for about 9 months, then I finally decided it was going to be a Christmas gift so I finished "sewing" the squares together and gave it to him unfinished for Christmas! I took it back after he opened it and started "blocking" it and trying to decide what was going to be the backing and how I would attach it! I started with a striped flannel, but it was too busy and didn't go with the colors of the quilt top, so I decided on a solid flannel. I settled on doing a wrap around binding, that is how I do most of my quilts and it works for me! There is no batting sandwiched in because I thought it was heavy and "lofty" enough, so to "quilt" it I just did embroidery floss ties in the corners of the knitted squares and DONE! Since he is 4, it wasn't a great big WHOOP for him to finally get this quilt, but I know he will appreciate more as he gets older! At least that is what I am hoping! Here is another view:
This week I have decided it is time to STOP sewing and SHOVEL out my house! It has been so neglected because of all of my projects! I only have a couple of shirts to monogram so once that is done, I am NOT GOING TO SEW anymore this week! I have to keep shouting it so I will convince myself! Anyway, I did enough last week that I will feature one item a day. I have added more slideshows to the left to try and keep them from becoming to big to view, but you can click on the photo and it will bring up a larger view and let you choose what to view, neat trick huh?

One quick personal note: Our "Beauty" is now a real beauty! QUEEN that is, she won the title in the Strawberry Festival pageant this past weekend! Congratulations, we are all so proud! Can you believe her parents were actually SURPRISED? We all know how beautiful our family's children are, but I guess there is something to say about being humble! We will see her at the parade, on the Queen's Float!

Well I am now off to put laundry away, vacuum floors, dust, pick up the massive amount of TOYS thrown around the house and possibly GET RID OF THEM!!, but first I must make lunch for the home bound children! Until later...

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