Monday, February 9, 2009

My favorite far

Not to take away from any of the other quilts I have done, but this by far is my favorite. I don't know if it is the material or the pattern or even because I decided to do applique, but I think this quilt just pops! I sure hope the receiver of this quilt likes it, because I would have kept it for myself if I hadn't monogrammed it already! So anyway, on to other things. I made it through the week and got everything done that I wanted to do. This week I plan on working on Valentine's outfits for the girls and an outfit for my niece "beauty". It is, I've been told, an old pattern, but I just "discovered" it. It is an A-line reversible, with a criss-crossed back. I can't wait to see how it sews up. The pattern is ONE piece, so I have high hopes of unbelievable ease! Here are a few of the other things I finished last week.

A three piece pillowcase set for my cousin's new baby. The bloomers are interchangeable with either dress. The last couple of pillowcase dresses I've made were cut to fit, so they wouldn't have an excess amount of material like traditional pillowcase dresses made out of actual pillowcases. The problem was they were too narrow and looked more like a tube. So to not have that problem again, I used the measurements of a pillowcase, now I think the dresses are too wide! But that's just me. I hope to find a happy medium, so I will be practicing alot more.

This next creation was a challenge, which I enjoyed! I wanted to put an alligator applique on the hooded towel I was making for a birthday gift, but couldn't find one I liked. The Boy has an outfit that has the cutest alligator, so I decided to trace it and make my own applique. It came out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Here is a picture of the applique up close, I've added the the hooded towel and the rest of the creations to the slideshow on the left.
I have a week without the Middle Child, so I hope to get alot accomplished. I will post as I get things done. Until later...

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