Friday, December 19, 2008

Pajamas at school

Yes you read that right, Ms. Priss got to wear her PJs to school today. It is Polar Express day so they will be doing all kinds of fun activities in their pajamas, like the book. And of course me being the good little seamstress I wanted her to have all new, freshly sewn PJs, yeah right! Time is not my friend right now so she got to wear her favorite store bought pair instead. Did I mention that a birthday invitation came home from school this week? Well, we have a party to go to Saturday, and I had to do a quick gift. Here it is:

I think it came out ok, and Ms. Priss approves so that means it is ok. What else have I been doing instead of finishing Christmas gifts you ask? These!
Yay! They are done, now I can move on to the stuff I am suppose to be doing! I think they came out pretty good considering it was my first attempt. It took me a while to figure out how to get the top cuffs on straight. Next time I won't sew them into a cuff until after I attach them to the stocking, it will make it much easier. I hand embroidered some of the details, it is probably hard to tell in this picture. I also machine embroidered the snowflakes. I thought the buttons added a little charm to the polka dots and dressed them up a bit. It was also an alternative to putting snowflakes on all of the "girly" ones. I have added these pictures to the slideshow on the side with some different views. Now back to the sewing machine, I WILL have gifts done by Christmas!!! Until later...

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