Monday, December 29, 2008


Yes, that's right! I managed to get mostly everythig done for Christmas and it was very rewarding. The girls stayed at my folks so I am breaking in their Christmas presents. Just me and the boy, hanging out. I should be cleaning, but how can I on such a beautiful day. Yes it is like spring in the winter time here! If you could see my plum delight in the picture to the right, it is in bloom! This crazy weather is confusing the poor thing! Here is a better view...

Isn't it beautiful? I know it is supposed to be a bush, but I want it to be a big ole tree someday, so I just keep trimming the lower branches and letting the top go wild! Anyway... I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did! Look at all the wonderful things my family got me.

My folks got me the serger. My awesome man got me the bobbin winder, cutting mat, quilting book (which I think is a hint!), and a handheld digital picture viewer so I can show off all of my creations to any interested passer-by! Ms. Priss did a wonderful job hand stitching me a cupcake pin cushion! Now I can finally get rid of the dreaded TOMATO! Yes, I should be motivated to start creating soon, but....those hammock chairs my folks got the girls are just too darn comfortable. Until later....

P.S. I added some of the gifts I made to the slideshow. But I noticed on the new doll, which has been lovingly named "Molly", I forgot to put a bow in her hair. I will be correcting that on New Year's Eve. Be Safe.

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