Monday, December 15, 2008

Producitve Weekend?

I don't feel like it was even though I managed to finish a couple of quilts for an order. And I did manage to get the lights on the tree. As you can see, it is just the lights. And the star is unlit. I am not sure why it is being so stubborn, considering I used the same lights last year, the same star, the almost same configuration. So WHY is my STAR NOT LIGHTING? I had to replace two strands of lights already on the tree, I mean already ON the tree! Wow! How much fun was that? We will do the ornaments tonight, and I hope to have our new stockings done today so we can hang those too. I really wanted to have all of this done during the week, but that just wasn't going to happen. So I guess that is why I don't feel like it was a productive weekend. I did manage to get stuff cut and arranged ready to be monogrammed or sewn, but only time will tell if I have time to get everything ready for Christmas! The quilt order is a *spoiler alert* because the intended customer has not received, nor seen them, so if you are reading this (you know who) I hope you like them. And now we just have to figure out how to get them too you! Because of the flannel backing they are way heavy, and I'll have you know the children tested them out and gave their approval. And now they are washed and ready for delivery. I added the pictures to the slideshow on the side, but here is a looksee

I tried the flannel backing because I wanted to see how it would do, plus it made it heavier and warmer. It also added to the thickness, so it makes it a good winter weight quilt. I feel ok posting these, because 1. I know she can't wait to see them, and B. They are gifts for kids that I don't think will be reading my blog. All the gifts I make for Christmas won't be posted until after all the receiving and overall jolliness of the holidays are over.

Speaking of gifts. We are getting an early one this holiday. Our, almost 21 this week, son will be returning to the nest. Albeit it is only temporary, I think it will be good and bad. The good, it will give me a chance to move both "the boys" into the big guest room so I can FINALLY get the last downstairs bedroom redone. The bad, it will add to my already LONG list of things I have to get done in a hurry! So if I am absent from this blog for some time you will all understand why. I will try to post new completed items as soon as they are done, but we will have to see how time will treat me. Until later...

*Snow Day update. I have to say how jealous I am of everybody who got MORE snow than we did! And I think that is EVERYONE judging by the awesome pictures I've received.

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