Thursday, March 12, 2009

Giving Back to the School

My daughter's school has an Annual BBQ Fundraiser every year. The PTC works very hard to make it happen from finding sponsors, to cooking the dinners and rounding up volunteers to serve, hand out, then clean up. All of the money made goes right back into the school. They've made enough in the past to buy new playground equipment, update the computers, and give teachers an "allowance" to provide supplemental classroom needs. They do a truly amazing job, so when I was asked to help provide something for the big ticket sellers I was very excited. Here is what we came up with. Twin girls were at the top of the list so here is what they get:

Next up was a boy who loves baseball, this is his reward:

The prizes were just picked up and will be given today. Congratulations and good job to the winners, and thank you to all of the moms and dads for the awesome job they do. Our school is better for all you give! Until later...

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Kindershop said...

I love the T-shirts. These two girls will be very happy! Great job.