Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Blog Swap!!

I am so excited about the recent Towel Swap I participated in. Donna at Clicketyclak was our gracious hostess who received the towels and sent them on to their new homes with a little something extra tucked inside...

Aren't they fabulous? Terri made the towel, and I absolutely love it. It is something that I would never think of making for myself but is so SPRING! It looks like she combined several single designs into one big one! Ingenious! Unfortunately I couldn't find a link anywhere for Terri, so if you are out there reading this please respond!! If not, thank you, thank you!!

And Donna! Wow! The checkbook cover and note pad are so darling! Ms. Priss is already trying to take the notepad from me! She loves butterflies & dragonflies, but then again show me a 6 year old girl who doesn't!! I did not know that you made all of these on your embroidery machine until I read it on Allie's blog! Amazing! Allie got my towel, check it out at its new home on her blog, here. She seems very sweet, and makes fabulous quilts!

I feel very satisfied and ready to do more swaps! I will be watching the blogs I frequent and maybe one day I'll try hosting my own!! Until later...

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Allie said...

Yay your comment is back, lol! LOVE the towel Terri did. And thanks for the compliment and link to my blog!
Donna does really lovely work. Did you see the embroidered canvases? They're even better in person. She is SO creative.