Thursday, March 19, 2009

While I was blogging...

This happened!

So that is why I haven't been back this week!! Children, so much FUN!!! I have been going strong in my sewing room this week and will have some stuff to show off soon. I finished the kitchen towel for the first blog swap I am participating in and she should be getting it soon. Donna emailed me to say she received a towel yesterday, so that might be the one I get in return! I am excited to see what it will be! In the meantime, here is the one I sent! I am hoping that it is ok. And the recipient will be happy with it!

Isn't the little bird the sweetest? I got it from one of the generous givers on Sew Forum! I love that site! So the colors aren't the brightest, springiest colors but it still isn't "officially" Spring so I thought I would keep it cool, with the blues and browns and just a little purple thrown in. I so need to learn about color combinations! I've read everything, but still am so scared to put blues with oranges!! That whole "this color compliments this," and "these are on the opposite of the spectrum". I am in awe of the outfits and children's clothes others have made, the bold fabric combos are just fabulous. I feel my stuff is so plain compared to what I've seen! I am determined to learn how to mix and accent and just know what goes with what!!
Well, I am trying to learn from my mistakes by not staying too long in my blog world, so I will end this post. If I am not back tomorrow, I will post all of my new creations on Monday! Until later....
P.S. If you've noticed, I have been adding more blogs on the left under The People I've Learned From. If you have some time, check them out! Not everything on their blogs are about sewing, some are simple crafts you can do with your kids, or recipes, or project ideas for parties or holidays!

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