Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Weeks Creations

We had a wedding this past weekend, so last week I focused on embroidering. I monogrammed the happy couple's place mat and napkin set, and threw in a kitchen towel to complete the set.

This was a registry item, and the bride chose white as the accent color. I like the way it came out, although black is hard to embroider on especially with white because of the uncertainty that the embroidery will come out.

Next up, a bib for the baby of the couple. The tux design is from Sew Forum. It worked up fast and was a well digitized design. I also needed something for The Boy since I didn't get anything formal for him, so I tried an applique also acquired from Sew Forum.

The tux bib is on vinyl with a corduroy backing, and the tie bib is all corduroy. Since these were mostly decorative I didn't think it needed heavy absorption on the backing. But the tie bib did a good job keeping the white shirt underneath it clean and dry.

I also finished up some items for the upcoming Strawberry Festival that I will feature in another post once I get all of the items done. I have put everything in the slideshows on the left for more detailed views.

In other news, Donna from Cliketyclak received my towel and will be sending the one I get in return soon. I can't wait since she is also including a "surprise"! I will post when I get it!

This week, I will be working on a "john john" for The Boy for Easter. I have several patterns, but am not crazy about them, so I am attempting to "draft" one from an existing outfit. Wish me luck! Until later...

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